Six Miles

Oregon Forest

Even though the I had read it was only a mile hike to a waterfall, because of two wrong turns, it turned into a six mile hike. What made it worse, is one of those wrong turns was very steep going up, and very steep coming back down (the kind of steep where you seriously consider scooching down on your butt like a bad dog on carpet). 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Six Miles

  1. As for the wrong turns you still clearly managed to get a spectacular photograph! Listening to Snatam hints, even with a few added turns we still get there.

    Now is there really a destination when the journey in all its fullness speaks to the heart and the soul is left pondering..i sense wonder to this dance called Life.

    “Sky is Thine eyes, the sun and moon is Your lips..
    Whatever worship can be compared to Natures own Symphony;
    It’s festival of lights..
    Devine music resounds within..”

  2. Are you sure this wasn’t a Lesson for you? There *are* times when we need technology, y’know….

    ….that reminds me. I think I’ll go find a compass for my phone, just in case. 😉

  3. Some of my best times have been while being lost – go with the flow.

    If all else fails, hug a tree and yell “I NEED AN ADULT”

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