Spring, Nature, and Positive Thinking

Lake Tahoe Reflections

I got up early, freezing, and went out to shoot some pictures. I was gone about three hours and when I got back the LP gas alarm on my RV was beeping away like a rap artist…

The main function of the alarm is to sense gas, shut off your LP tank, and beep until you are driven mad trying to figure out what the problem is. The alternative is to be blown sky-high with an errant spark, but – after a while of the beeping – this starts to sound like a viable option.

Try as I might, I couldn’t get the gas flowing again. I got the alarm to shut up, but I couldn’t figure out why the gas wouldn’t flow to my refrigerator, hot water heater or stove.

Finally, I went for a walk, putting my positive thinking habit to the test and thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I got back and the gas was working wonderfully?”

The key to positive thinking is to think in the affirmative (above), not the negative, such as “Here comes the ball out to me in left field. Don’t drop the ball, Wirs. Don’t… ahhgggg!!!!!!”

Thinking “Don’t drop the ball,” makes the image of you dropping the ball all the more powerful.

So I walked, thought positive thoughts, got back to the RV and the DAMN GAS STILL WASN’T WORKING!

It’s at that point I noticed some indicator lights that are normally off were all glowing faintly. That told me there was something screwy with my house battery. I got my trusty multi-meter out, opened the hood and – and I wish I had taken a picture of this – I find this huge pile of shredded paper and hay and twigs and string on top of my battery!

Apparently up here in the northern climes, they have something called “Spring” which drives all the birds and forest creatures nuts and makes them build nests on top of batteries while at the same time tugging and pulling (and disconnecting) this little wire that feeds power to the gas sensor and other indicators.

Positive thinking. Doesn’t always work the way you want it to, but, surprisingly, I’m finding it to work a lot more effectively than I expected.

I should win the Florida Lottery tonight so save your money and wait until the next drawing.

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3 thoughts on “Spring, Nature, and Positive Thinking

  1. I had a similar experience comming back home from the Carolina coast. I stopped to camp over night and the next morning bird nests were built in, on or around every nook and cranny of my Jeep. I felt bad about leaving with their homes.

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