Tall Trees and Rugged Coastlines


I love this part of the country, the Pacific Northwest. I’m currently in Crescent City, California where they have redwoods, crystal clear rivers and craggy cliffs overlooking the ocean.

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4 thoughts on “Tall Trees and Rugged Coastlines

  1. You just had to have photoshopped that blue sky in there, or got really really lucky by being there on one of the 4 sunny days in the entire year! During our 10 years in Humboldt County and the North Coast, we saw the sun maybe 10 full days! Hope you’re enjoying it.

    • I dunno Rene, I got here on Tuesday and the weather has been great. A little foggy on the coastline this morning (Thurs), but I gotta say – I like it. Must be you. 🙂

  2. Ahh Beautiful scene Wayne ..how the acknowledgement of the abundance of all around us is in every tree in nature, every flower, the sun on your skin; the fullness of life is within every step of the journey..

    Thoreau’s words ring true to this picture, Creation has purpose and meaning!

  3. I liked the weather a lot too when I first got there. But after a decade of not being able to tell what time of day it was, because of the gray skies, I’d just about lost my mind.

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