The Wind Giants of the Delta

California Wind Turbines

I am camped in this little RV park, Eddo’s, out in the Delta region of California, west of San Francisco. As I followed my GPS out here, I thought that this would be a miserable little park in the middle of nowhere. Now, as I sit here, listening to the breeze through the oaks and willows, hearing the hundreds of birds chirp and twitter and the deep lowing of distance cows, I think that this is the perfect little park in the middle of nowhere.

Rolling farmland. Wide delta rivers. Giant wind turbines that make you feel like you’ve stumbled onto the set of “War of the Worlds.”

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3 thoughts on “The Wind Giants of the Delta

  1. Aha – thought that area rang a bell. Haven’t been in Japantown, but would love to go and get some Pocky (very yummy snack that comes in a LOT of flavors). You could even go visit San Jose, where they have (still? Not sure now) this kinetic sculpture run by a small engine & billiard balls… and one of the LARGEST libraries I’ve been in across the street from that.

    Hm…. and if you want some work while roving, you could go over to Milipitas and work for Gaia. There are some parts that have glitches….. oh, but you don’t code using Dreamweaver – or do you?

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