The Grotto

Chapel in the Grotto

I had never been to The Grotto before – never even heard of it before yesterday. As it turned out, it is place of retreat for friars and nuns of the Servite Order within the Catholic Church. Very peaceful place. I wasn’t struck dead by lightning or anything, which quite frankly kind of surprised me.

Seriously though, if you’re in the area, stop by. It’s a very peaceful place for reflection.

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3 thoughts on “The Grotto

  1. This scene reminds me of our natural pace – In her Book Guinilla Norris – Inviting Silence…guides us to
    “Study the waves wash onto the shore, or the way rings float out on a lake. When the pebble splashes through the surface, moving without apparent effort. There is an organic pace to this; we too have an organic pace.
    Silence can help us feel it.

    Looks like a perfect space for meditating!

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