The Hero’s Journey: The Return

Desert Morning

As I mentioned in the last post, a sense of direction has arisen from the Stillness. It has become clear that I should soon start teaching about the Passion, the Stillness, and the Oneness.

Furthermore, there is a strong “pulling,” a felt sense to close the circle–to return, as Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey posits, to home. I don’t know whether this is the pull of an archetype deeply embedded in the human psyche or something higher, but I feel the need for completion–to return to friends and family and say, “I am back. I’m different, but I am the same.”

It seems appropriate, it seems balanced, that I should hold my first talks in South Florida, a place of hedonism, materialism, and tension. A place that, as a spiritual seeker, I had longed for someone to guide me and help me find my way.

I return to see if I can integrate these worlds of friends, family, and Florida with the Divine Within. I feel a sense of dread, for I don’t know if I’ll succeed or destroy this gift I’ve been given. My mind says it is too soon, but Stillness whispers, “Go.”

South Florida is a place that I do not belong, but to which I am drawn. I fear it, but I know somehow, that it is required of me.

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8 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey: The Return

  1. Moving forward in life always seems to bring self doubt that leads to a leap of faith. One is compelled to “trust” the movement… to remain still, well that’s just it…stillness.
    Trust that you know, know what you trust. Journey safe.
    With deepest respect, Whitewolf

  2. YEAHHHHHHH…….COME TO FLA! I WILL SUPPORT YOU ANY WAY I CAN. I have a space at the Lake Worth Buddihist Meditation Center two nights a week and would love for you to come talk there!

    keep me posted…..


  3. @White Wolf & Hawk: Thanks! Whitewolf & Whitehawk. Isn’t that strange?

    @Denise: Looking forward to seeing you again!

    @Doug: I’m STILL in Phoenix. Seems the return journey is as fraught with perils as the beginning. Doubt I’ll make it for turkey day (are you going to steal, I mean borrow, that turkey oven again?).

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