The Map of Life. Part II: The Land of Pleasure & Pain


Soon after birth – after separating from the oneness of Spirit – we experience the first waves of Sensual Pleasure and Physical Pain. With our new Body and Instincts we seek to sate our constant lust for sights and sounds and tastes and touches.

Powerful pleasure balanced by equally powerful pain – both the blessing and curse of having a Body – starts the Wheel of Pursuit and Avoidance spinning.

It's Time To Wake Up

Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of BeingMystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being is a step-by-step guide to enlightenment and beyond.

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It's Time To Be Happy

The Serentity TechniqueWe live in divisive times.

The Serenity Technique provides 7 simple steps for inner peace… whenever you need it.

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It's Time Let Go

My Dying WordsImagine I have only seven days left to live.
Now imagine I share my last thoughts with you.

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