The Siren

Isle on Lake Pleasant, AZ

I have been working. Working and working and working and it has felt good. It has felt right.

Living this life – the life of a solitary nomad – requires sacrificing much, but the rewards… I could have never imagined the rewards.

Solitude awakens creativity. She awakens passions. She reminds you of your life’s purpose and motivates you to pursue it.

The nomad lifestyle simplifies you. The lack of room, the transitory nature – it clarifies what is important. The lifestyle keeps you honest and whole and true.

It’s not a life for most, but for those to whom She calls – listen. Listen to Her urgings, to Her siren’s song. All sirens sit on deadly rocks, but to those who can put aside their fears – who can keep their heads when the doubts arise – those are the ones who will find their way around the dangers. Those are the ones who will find the rewards hidden in the mists.

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4 thoughts on “The Siren

  1. Wayne, I’ve read this many times over. So much of what you say echoes my thoughts. I loved being burrowed into my work – it feels good and it feels right. The dramatic sky in the image on this page is a great correspondent to the content of the post. I use your posts as food for thought, to contemplate during my meditation time. The next 365 of them could be your 2010 calendar.

  2. Excellent post, I can completely relate.

    For the last 3 weeks we’ve been boondocking out in the desert, and saving battery juice so we can write. As you know, this means not running frivolous things, like the radio. And we’ve gotten a helluva lot done.

    But yesterday, Jim turned on NPR during breakfast, and it was like our ears were being assaulted, our solitude completely shattered.

    We turned it off within 10 minutes.

    All is quiet now, as watch the rain clouds blow in, and we like it that way.

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