The Tao of the Sea and Sand

Emerald Waters and White Sands

HENDERSON BEACH STATE PARK, DESTIN, FL–The clouds, filling the sky, thankfully block the direct rays of sunlight–for the sand is so white that the light’s reflection would surely blind.

An emerald green sea gently rolls in, its rhythm like a beating heart that the tiny sandpipers sense as they dodge in and out–just above the gentle surf–searching for tell-tale signs of hidden crustaceans.

The sand crunches underfoot and a sudden quiver of appreciation runs up my spine as the seagulls float silently upon the air–separate, yet one with the wind.

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4 thoughts on “The Tao of the Sea and Sand

  1. The ground, like a sponge, is full of more cold rainwater than it can hold. The sky, like a gray slate, has blocked direct rays of light for weeks. And YOU complain because the warm sand on the warm beach is too bright. 😉

  2. Maybe Wayne is talking about the only 8 or 9 stops of dynamic range on his camera’s digital sensor. Any more light and the sand is washed-out, white, the camera’s sensor captures only white and no detail. Clouds help to diffuse the light and are a photographer’s friend. It’s all relative.

    Nice composition and use of the rule-of-thirds.

    God speaks a universal unspoken language to all of us through nature. Some know and listen. As photographers, we have the pictures to prove it as well!

  3. WOW — Great Photo!! Actual beauty … and a beautiful articulation of the three-in-one-in-all model of consciousness, all at the same time (tangible – Beach, subtle/mental – surf, archetypal/memory – ocean open; oneness/awareness – sky; enlightenment — the entire photograph). Nicely done; thank you.

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