The Three Enlightenments: The Enlightenment of Stillness

Dying Leaves

Stillness. Thoughts drop away. Movement ceases. Time no longer has meaning.

The eye rests on a flower–the colors, the textures, the subtle shape and softness. A raven caws in the distance and the sound, like music, rises then drops away into nothingness. A breath is drawn, held momentarily, and a faint lightness is felt as Life celebrates another moment in the body.

Stillness. This is the Eternal Now. The past is seen as a collection of ancient and dusty thoughts. The future as fantasies and imagination. In this moment, there can be no ego, not personal story. In the Moment, there is only Reality.

Stillness is a release. It is a letting go. It is surrender.

In Stillness there is no trying, no manipulating, no doing.

In Stillness, there is only being, only total acceptance.

Tomorrow: The Enlightenment of Oneness.

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2 thoughts on “The Three Enlightenments: The Enlightenment of Stillness

  1. What a way to describe it Wayne! One of most favourite readings by Meister Eckhart..

    “Nothing in all creation is so like God
    as Silence”

    Does feel like in silence we are found, we are healed in silence, nurtured by Nature herself, and still from the center the yearning ever draws us closer.. what can feel more beautiful than being deep within our own true nature?

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