This Month’s Habit: Positive Thinking

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I’m reading Ask and It Is Given and I’m surprised how much I’m liking it. Because I’ve been thinking on these things well before I read the book, I decided to make this month’s habit: Positive Thinking.

About three weeks ago – during my daily walk (but before I came across this book (thanks Andrea)) – I was contemplating the direction of thoughts. Simply put, I was saying to myself, “Here I am, walking along, contemplating things. I could be worried about CareCause not selling or I could be imagining CareCause being hugely popular. One thought makes me feel miserable and the other makes me feel great – but neither of these thoughts changes the fact that I am walking along a dusty road.”

The point being that what I was doing, was walking thru the desert – but how I felt was vastly different by what I thought about. Nothing changed in the outside world, but my experiences were drastically different (worried or elated).

My surroundings were a constant (as they are with everyone right now), but I could help myself feel better simply by changing the direction of my thoughts.

This is one of the major points of Ask and It Is Given. I’ll talk more about it in upcoming entries.

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7 thoughts on “This Month’s Habit: Positive Thinking

  1. This is something I have to do every day, or else end up in the spiral of despair that ends in suicide.

    However, since the Powers That Be & I have had *that* arugment, I’m not going to. Then there’s my soulsis; I promised her I wouldn’t do that either.

    ….and synchronicity: Music playing? “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin!

  2. Since we are all naturally good, we just choose to forget this about ourselves, BEcoming the conscientious observer (the non-thinker, beyond-mind), brings one back into the remembering of “the positive” and who we really are, regardless of the drama and impermanence of life. Hold fast to this for it is this constant spirit in you that will lead you and forms the basis for selflessness, compassion, love, happiness, joy and freedom.

    • @Tom : I agree. This is where it gets really interesting about how traditional non-dualism (Taoism, Buddhism, etc) fits in very well with this new-age type book. That was one of my biggest surprises.

      @WayneB : What was the name of the book you mentioned?

  3. You might like Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books also…
    My favorite quote of his: “” It does not make sense to worry about things
    that ARE in your control…
    For if they ARE in your control
    it does not make sense to worry about them.
    It does not make sense to worry about things
    that are NOT in your control…
    For if they are NOT in your control
    it does not make sense to worry about them.”
    ” Therefore is 100 % of our worry not a complete
    and absolute waste of our life energy?”

  4. The obviously ‘well read’ author of “Fading Toward Enlightenment” is asking me for book leads?…..I can feel my ego inflating…
    A few of Dyers’ most inspiring are: “You’ll See It When You Believe It”, “The Power of Intention”, “Manifest Your Destiny”, “Wisdom of the Ages”…I like his audio books.
    I think you’ll find anything from Jerry and Esther Hicks (Ask and it is given) very interesting…
    How bout, some leads from you now? lol. You’ve mentioned Maharishi,Jung,Tolle…I’d love to know other sources of your “Enliquidment”…Hey!, I think I just coined a new word! haha

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