San Francisco Aquarium

Played tourist today. The San Francisco Aquarium, Chinatown, City Lights (the bookstore), Fisherman’s Wharf, the Presidio, the Golden Gate Bridge. It was great.

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4 thoughts on “Touristing

  1. Ahhhh, my old stomping grounds. If you’re still there, be sure to check out the tiki dive bar in North Beach, Hawaii West. Dim sum at City View. Or, have a house cappuccino at Tosca and listen to opera on the jukebox. San Francisco at its finest. I sure miss it.

  2. Thanks Rene. I’m probably not heading back into SF again this trip (I’m about an hour away, so it’s pretty much an all day affair), but if you (or any readers) have any suggestions for the Mt. Shasta area or the Eureka/Arcata area – one of which I’ll be heading to next – let me know.

  3. There are all kinds of wonderful places, food and such here in Humboldt — if you like gyros, try out Kebob (I tink that’s the name, you can’t miss it) in the Ray’s shopping center (just outside of Arcata off 101 heading North, take the Guintoli Exit and go right); TranquiliTea in Arcata has wonderful organic food and teas; Wildberries Market in Arcata has a fantastic deli that can’t be beat (top of the hill, G Street Arcata). Muddy Waters is a great little coffee shop there, and of course Blue Sky Cafe right on the square in Arcata, G Street (my personal favorite).

    Eureka, Old Town area: Old Town Coffee (and fudge!); Ramone’s is always great and has salads, breads, and various bakery goods (love them.) Stop by Humboldt Herbals to get a free cup of tea and say hello — I use to volunteer there as an herbalist and all the ladies are very friendly and cheery. Hana House has awesome sushi. Los Bagels has great stuff, though a bit expensive (for bagels). Coming up soon there will be Arts Alive evenings, which are wonderful. It’s worth it to pick up a NOrth Coast Journal, they are all over here — this will tell you far more than I could.

    Pamplin Grove out on 36, 12 miles East off 101) is worth driving to. It gets rented out and then you can’t walk through, but at this time of year during the week I bet it is open. There will be a sign up if you cannot have access. This grove is lovely, really incredible — it has a unique vibration to it, if one is sensitive to that. Has access to the river, a small meadow. We go there quite often, and usually there is no else there at all. It is just before you reach the sign for “Swimmers Delight”, on the right, a little driveway tucked into the Reds. There is a big gate that is usually closed, that you can walk through.

    Founders Grove, along 101 about 45 minutes before Fortuna/Scotia area is wonderful as well, and has an easy, rambling walk through some beautiful trees.

    Ferndale is interesting — kind of like stepping back in time. The drive along the Wildcat, to Petrolia has some stunning views. Mind, there is no gas for quite a ways so fill up beforehand. There is a beach there as well, anyone in town will tell you the way (their very friendly).

    The bird sanctuary along 101, just past Ferndale/Loleta has a wonderful walk there as well, with incredible birds.

    Headwaters is a nice walk as well, along the creek. That is off 101, and veers off Elk River Road, if I recall (I know the way, don’t read the signs lol).

    I could go on and on, I’ll stop there! they Oyster Festival is June 10, and it is GREAT!

    Hope this helps,

  4. Wow! Thanks Kimberely. Sadly I had already traveled up I-5 toward the Mt. Shasta area (I’d been up the N. CA coast a few times, but never the central corridor). Still, this is great information for next time (or for any readers).

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