Transitions Part II

Clouds in the Gorge

More random thoughts during this transitionary period:

  • It was the frog who started this. He made it clear that thoughts were what were blocking me from truly “seeing.”
  • It is getting easier and easier to slip into full Oneness: Active meditation, then Presence, then Perception, then Oneness.
  • Thoughts should be felt as resistance and tension, blocking your awareness. Allows them to be naturally and gently released.
  • WayneX feels like some other life. Reading old writings/blog posts seems almost as if someone else wrote them.
  • Spending about 50% of my time here just sitting and looking – feeling it, in awe of it.
  • Isolation is critical to strengthening this state. Concerned that too many distractions or social interactions will cause me to lose it before it has “quickened.”
  • It’s interesting how unconsciously I felt the necessity to finish converting my books to ebook format and being done with all projects. Like the subconscious knew what was coming and was “clearing the decks” for it to happen.

It's Time To Wake Up

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