Treasure Map

Treasure Map

So you think hanging out in the desert all day – writing code – is boring? Here are some treasures I’ve found around my camp.

Map legend below…

(WW = Wayne Wirs)

A: WW’s camp.

B: One-armed man who says, “Seek Quartzsite, Arizona in your quest for solar power.”

C: Campers – names unknown.

D: Friendly Carl: ex-soldier, ex-off-roader, ex-commercial-diver, current disabled veteran, young retiree, suspected by WW as a felon eluding the law.

E: Mysterious man (woman?) who lives in a car.

F: Angry old woman who hates off-roaders.

G: Off-roader staging area.

H: Man who makes crosses from old desert “driftwood.”

I: John who says, “Avoid Quartzsite, Arizona in your quest for solar power.”

J: Mysterious Mountain where cows (with horns) infest camp from.

K: Nine sexy women who rode by on horseback.

L: WW fantasizing about nine sexy women on horesback but only saying, “Hello.”

M: Horse poop.

N: Dusty Amber Road that WW walks 30 minutes THAT way on.

O: Rock where WW hides his key when he goes for his daily walk THAT way.

P: Ground squirrel.

Q: Ground squirrel holes.

R: Screaming hawk in a tree, pissed off at WW.

S: Pieces of bloody rabbit fur.

T: Gate of the Anti-Christ.

U: Stranded calf on far side of the fence.

V: Stressed-out mother cow (with horns) on WW’s side of the fence.

W: WW wearing red shirt and wondering if stressed-out mother cows (with horns) act like stressed-out mother bears (or p/o’d bulls with horns).

X: Hole in fence.

Y: Re-united calf and mother cow (with horns).

Z: Big black ants.

1: Big black beetle who flipped on his back as soon as WW poured a little water on him (WW flipped him back over).

2: Little snake tracks on amber road

3: Big snake tracks on amber road

4: Big dying cactus.

5: Wash – Caution: Loose footing.

6: Mysterious tall PVC pipe sticking up out of the ground.

7: Big dog or small mountain lion tracks on top of WW’s earlier tracks.

8: WW contemplating being hunted by small mountain lion (but not big dog).

9: Jackrabbit running away like a frightened bunny rabbit.

10: Coyotte tracks on amber road.

11: Quail tracks on amber road.

12: Mysterious water valve in the middle of the desert.

13: Mysterious lost car keys sitting on top of mysterious water valve in the middle of the desert.

14: Cow skeleton – no horns (no head).

15: Mysterious and deep man-made holes in the ground.

16: Lonely highway.

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3 thoughts on “Treasure Map

  1. The Campsite scene – map reminds me..of Rock art and of Gulliver’s Travels, deliciously contradictory 😉 also of a beautiful poem. Sitting by the river last night enchanted by hundreds of fireflies lighting up the velvet coat around, it stirred within my soul. Oh Mistress moon Lady of the night take me within; this rapture enticing, oh here are my hands..

    Doxology To Demeter

    Demeter, Horse Goddess of moonlit night
    The Cornfield Muse neath star bound light
    Mother to Core, The Maiden Queen
    Nicippe Her priestess, in groves o’ green

    Despoena, Her aspect of horse in flight
    Arion of Equine Cult, unite
    Doth She lament, Persephone goes
    Her cosset Core, in Hades abode

    She roams the world of Upper Air
    Her crops now bane, unto Her snares
    Ne’er to release, Her hibernal spell
    ‘Till Her sweet Persephone returns from hell

    Ere equinoctial vernal days
    Her roving tears thus mitigate
    For Proserpina hath come back to Earth
    Demeter’s heart, replete with mirth

    Demeter loves, in thrice ploughed fields
    Fecund crops and flowers, thus She yields
    At Eleusis Shrine, Iambic chants
    For Brimo’s buskin boot they rant

    Eleusinian Mysteries are Demeter’s rites
    Nymph aspect in triad, the Doxy White
    In maiden guise, Iambe, Spring’s child
    As Crone, She is Baubo, sullenly wild

    Steve Trimmer

  2. @Q: Thanks for the poem!

    @Andrea: I’ve been reading “Ask and It Is Given” (found via your website) and loving it. I’ll be writing about it soon on this blog. Thanks for that.

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