Two New Videos

I’ve just released a couple videos that I hope will stimulate interest in A Simple Explanation for Everything. Please go to YouTube and:

  • Watch them
  • Share them with your friends
  • Comment on them (on YouTube)

I hope that with your comments and sending the videos to others that your actions will generate enough interest that the videos will spread on their own. This will help me a great deal.

Here are the YouTube links:

Thanks, I know I’m asking for help here (and I hate asking for help), so I really appreciate it!

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It's Time To Wake Up

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It's Time Let Go

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2 thoughts on “Two New Videos

  1. I am on dial up so viewing YouTube can be an all day affair, so while the video streams–I will make a comment! Time and the movement of Space through it has been mind candy to me for a very long time. Most of the time I DONT share it for fear of being called NUTZ! I just read the book Fractal Time by Gregg Braden. He also wrote the God Code. His background is software engenering. My interest in this comes from an interest in Ancient Civilizations and once making the connection between the Nazca Lines and Space Travel. I did not read but have done some research on the work of Eric Von Daniken-The Gold of the Gods- FASINATING and I agree with him 100%. I visted Utah last yr and the Fremont Cliff Drawings done around 600 AD. Its no mystery that the same type drawings are seen at various geographical locations around the world..since there was no intercontinential communication it def. brings many questions up as to why they were all doing the same type drawings of strange beings with what looks like space suits and helmets…so
    I came to my own conclusion — not Extra terrestrials coming to Earth but Earth TIME travelers coming back to the Earth–sort of nutty right? Who knows maybe in the year 3000 our Planet becomes inhabital and what survivors there are have to leave and live on a space station…and they devise a way to go back in time to try and figure out where WE went wrong–Since the only records that could possible survive are carved in STONE…who knows? If you investigate the whole idea of Black holes, and the way Space moves through TIME..then its very forseable that future Generations are able to move back in TIME–when certain conditions are favorable. Fractal Time explores this concept of favorable conditions, such as events repeating themselves in cycles. Events like presidential assinations, wars, etc. So with the upcoming alignment of 2012 that could be the favorable condition that allows Space Travel=Time Travel–maybe the on that day the speed of light slows who knows WE humans have never expereinced this alignment before!
    I recently wrote a blog about TIME and my ideas–I have no degree so trying to speak of my ideas without the correct education or even terminology is difficult!
    I have written a few blog posts discussing my ideas of Time! You may enjoy reading them…OKay the video has streamed now So Im off to listen.

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