Waiting By The Lake

Sailboat by a Dock

Waiting. Not sure for what. Direction? Without an ego and all its desires, I feel a bit lost. Not sad, just… adrift. Waiting on a wind to guide me.

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4 thoughts on “Waiting By The Lake

  1. Dear Wayne,

    My wandering and wonderful sadhu! I don’t know what to say, but this photo screams of stillness so hard to describe. I can see how disconcerting it can be to be where you are…but it is just beautiful, just like you.

    Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself so generously.

  2. This popped into my head as I read your latest entry: (an old poem from somewhere)

    One ship sails east, another sails west
    on the selfsame winds that blow.
    It’s the set of the sails and not the gales
    that tells it which way to go

    like the winds of the sea, are the ways of fate
    as we journey along through life;
    It’s the set of the soul that determines its goal
    and not the calm or the strife

    I have a years long discussion with a friend who lives as though we really cannot adjust our sails—only enjoy or resist the ride. When the moment is right, I trust you will have something to say on the subject.

  3. @Chandi – Thanks. “Stillness” is an apt word.
    @Randy – Excellent poem. Ironically, just as I was reading it, the song, “Let It Be” by the Beatles came on…”There will be an answer. Let it be. ” I feel the winds rising…

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