Waking Yourself Up. Part III: The Divine Within

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Most spiritual seekers believe that at the core of each of us, lies a glimmering spark of the Divine – Spirit, Source, God Within. It is the goal of many spiritual seekers to find this spark, to awaken it, and to allow its Light to shine forth from within them.

But there is no Divine Spark.

Over these last few weeks, as this transformation has taken place, I have looked deep within my soul and I can assure you that there is no spark, no flickering light.

What I have found is something far more amazing. What I have found is a huge, Divine radiant Sun – a brightly shining core that has glowed from within my being my entire life. Just as importantly, this powerful Divinity radiates within you
While you feel this power – this Divine Light radiating through you – it is impossible to experience worry, feel fear, suffer, or think a single dark thought. It is impossible because you will be experiencing who you truly are – an out-flowing radiating river of Love and Light.

Sadly though, most seekers go about the quest for the Light pursuing futile and worthless methods: Meditation to clear the mind, prayer to salve the soul, energy work to cure their ills, rationalization to explain it or pseudo-science to possess it (ie: “The Secret”). None of these will shift your identity into the Light.

You will never experience the Divine Within until you change one simple thing. You have to stop trying to awaken it, stop trying to gain it, stop trying to win it. You have to stop trying to add it to your life. It is already there, and always has been. All you have to do is learn how to uncover it.

The purpose of the previous two articles, The Witness and the Hortons, is to help your mind grasp the reality of the Witness and to understand that everything that arises in your mind is nothing but a Horton – an image, sound, or feeling that your brain shows to you-the-Witness.

What I didn’t tell you is that once the Witness has become “strong,” a feeling of powerful Love and Light gradually starts flowing through you – God Within. You almost feels like a free standing portal, like the St. Louis Archway, with Love and Light flowing through you. This is what I call Stage I Enlightenment (Stage II Enlightenment is when you identify exclusively with the Light).

What Is Keeping You From The Light

There are two things that keep you from experiencing this Light. The most easily seen is the Thought Horton. Unlike Hortons based on perceptions – seeing a tree for example – Thought Hortons originate from inside your mind. As I mentioned in a previous entry, what your mind focuses on is what your world becomes. Fantasizing while driving to work and not remembering the actual drive is a common example of what happens when you-the-Witness watch a Thought Horton.

The other, much more subtle and much more powerful barrier to experiencing the Divine Within, is a specific type of Thought Horton: the Ego Horton – the false self.

As to Thought Hortons, once your identification with the Witness solidifies (the Ego Horton will have mostly dissolved) and you start to experience the Divine Within as a constant radiating Light, Thought Hortons aren’t a big deal. Your consciousness gets distracted, you fantasize about winning the lottery, and then you come back into the radiant Light, seeing reality in the present moment. No big deal.

The Ego Horton

The Ego Horton on the other hand, with its subtle and powerful grip, is the primary barrier to experiencing your Divine Nature. If you want to shift your life experience from the self-centered emotional roller-coaster – joy/pain, good/bad, winning/losing – to one of Bliss and Clarity and Divinity, it is critical that that you learn to see the Ego Horton. See it clearly, as the Witness, and its power to block the Divine will gradually fade.

The Ego Horton is primarily made up of Immas (“Imma lawyer”) with a bunch of guilt, anger, regret and other emotional baggage thrown in. You can’t do much about the emotional baggage – it will break loose on its own as the Ego Horton weakens (see my Dark Night of the Soul). But the Immas you need to learn to start witnessing.

An Imma is simply a role you perceive yourself to be: Imma Father. Imma Student. Imma Doctor. Imma a Loser. Those are Immas. Immas are just Thought Hortons. You perceive yourself as a father. You see yourself as a loser. You think of yourself as a doctor…

YOU-AS-WITNESS perceive THOUGHT HORTON (you in a role).

You are not a bunch of nouns. If anything, you are a bunch of verbs. It’s not, “I am a Doctor,” it’s “I do doctoring.”

By seeing yourself as an activity, as a “movement” through the present moment – I’m doctoring, I’m seeing a patient, I’m diagnosing – the Ego Horton gradually loses energy. But because of our life-long conditioning, breaking the habit of thinking of ourselves as Immas and shifting our identity to the Witness is tremendously arduous. It takes practice – repeated practice – and that’s where Part IV of this series will help.

In Part IV, I’ll provide a guided meditation/visualization that will help you experience the Light Within while at the same time demonstrating how Thought Hortons block the Light. By seeing how Thought Hortons block your experience of the Divine, you will naturally, though gradually, let go of the biggest Thought Horton of them all – the Ego.

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  1. I don’t remember when I subscribed to your daily mails , and while I enjoyed (mostly) every post of yours,somehow I was lazy not to put in a few comments every now and then when I felt I should have.

    But the “waking-yourself-up” series has simply pushed me to say – “Wonderful Wayne! – thank you very much”.

  2. Wayne,

    I enjoy, and more importantly, understand your metaphors. I wish I could just unplug from my noisy mind. The irony of course is that I can! But it’s is like playing Whack a Mole with thoughts 🙂 Keep writing and sharing please. I practice focusing on the now every day and from my results so far I sure do need the practice.

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