Waking Yourself Up. Part IV: The Practice

By the Waterfall

The following is the guided mediation I’ve mentioned in Parts I, II, and III. If you haven’t already read those articles, please read them now as terms and concepts discussed below won’t make much sense otherwise.


This is the same technique that was used to shift my consciousness from an ego-centered identity to a stable Witness identity. Currently – on average about two or three times a day – my identity also briefly shifts from the Witness (Stage I Enlightenment) into Pure Consciousness (Stage II Enlightenment). My hope is that this practice will help shift your identity from the Ego, to the Witness, (and possibly to Pure Consciousness) just as it has for me.

This guided meditation arose spontaneously during my second day of contemplation while dry camping on the Washington side of the John Day Dam. In the same manner that much of the material for A Simple Explanation for Everything seemed to come from some mysterious, deeper, “not-me-but-within-me” place, so too did this meditation.

If you practice this meditation at least twice a day, I expect you will see powerful results quite quickly…

The Steps (Summary. Detailed notes below.)


Sit comfortably, preferably outside. Unless mentioned otherwise, each step should be repeated for a minimum of three full breaths. As thoughts come up, see them as a cloud of tiny pink cartoon Hortons, drawn on tiny, square pieces of white card-stock. Think of them as insignificant. Visualize gently patting the Hortons down into the ground with your hands. Recognize that these Hortons physically block your “vision” of this practice.

Step 1. Eyes closed. Back straight. Imagine a “bubble tube” (see notes below) filled with water that comes up from the earth, through your butt and up to and even with the top of your head. Inhale: Bring the bubble up until it meets resistance. Hold: Keep the bubble steady. Exhale: Allow the bubble to settle back into the earth. Eventually bring the bubble to the very top of your head – creating a large bubble on the top of your head, hold it there, then burst the bubble on your exhale – raining down a light, refreshing mist upon your body.

Step 2. Eyes open (for rest of practice). Inhale: Breathe the bubble up through your body and expand it so that it encircles your visual horizon. Hold: Hold it there. Exhale: Burst the bubble, raining down a light mist that nurtures the Earth.

Step 3. See your surroundings as entirely flat. Inhale: Lift objects up from the flat ground into existence. Hold: Hold them there. Exhale: Release them and allow them to be.


Step 4. Look at an object. Inhale: Breathe the object’s Essence into you. Hold: Fill the Essence with Light. Exhale: Breathe the Light/Essence back into the object.

Step 5. Look at your surroundings. Inhale: Breathe in their Essence. Hold: Fill the Essence with Light. Exhale: Breathe the Light/Essence back into them.

Step 6. Relax your breathing. See the ground as a Sea of Light. See the air as an ethereal, aura of Light. See every object as full of Light. Allow all boundaries to relax and merge until they are nothing more than different densities of Light. Breathe the Light in and out. With each breath, visualize the Light gently dissolving your body until you are completely one with the Light.


(This is an optional Phase and need not be accessed every time you practice.) Maintain the oneness with the Light throughout this Phase. As thoughts come up, see them as a cloud of tiny pink cartoon Hortons, drawn on tiny square pieces of white card-stock. Think of them as insignificant. Visualize gently patting the Hortons back down into the Sea of Light with your hands. Recognize that these Hortons block your Oneness with the Light.

Step 7. Look at an object. Notice the Light within it. Notice also the Light within yourself. Notice that by the simple act of looking, the Light joins the two of you. Notice how the very act of looking makes you feel one with the object. Rest in this feeling of Oneness.

Step 8. Look at your surroundings. Notice the Light within all things. Notice that by simply looking, you and your surroundings merge and blend until they become one. See the act of breathing as Light circulating within itself. Merge and feel the Oneness with your surroundings.

Step 9. Now turn your attention inward. Sense the you-as-the-Witness experiencing this. Where are your boundaries? Recognize that any boundaries you see or feel are simply tiny, pink Hortons – thoughts that the mind creates – and gently pat them back into the Sea of Light. Feel yourself expand to fill your vision. Rest here as long as you like.

Detailed Notes

EARTH Step 1:

  • This step acts to help center you, clear any resistances, and connect you to the earth and sky. The focus on the butt, as un-PC as that is, is vital since your butt acts as your connection to the solid earth. The other end of the tube stops at the very top of your head and acts as your connection to the sky. (Practitioners of Hindu-based systems will recognize this step as a chakra clearing method, but, because of accessibility, I wish to avoid any non-english terminology.)
  • For the “bubble tube,” imagine a large, straight, clear plastic pipe, about four inches in diameter. Imagine that it is filled with water. The tube runs straight up from the ground, up through your butt, along the front of your spine and stops as an opening at the very top of your head.
  • At the start of every breath, the topmost edge of the bubble rests right where your butt meets the ground (or your chair) and the tube will be full of water.
  • As your breathe in, imagine air being lifted up through the ground, through your butt and up this tube, so that the bottom portion of the tube is filled with air, and the top portion is filled with water. Do not imagine water poring out the top of your head (it just vanishes). Your focus should be constantly on the boundary of the bubble with the water – nowhere else.
  • Do not rush this step. If it takes you half an hour to get the bubble to the top of your head – fine. It will get easier every time you practice this.
  • As you inhale and the bubble’s edge rises, let the bubble gently clear any resistances you might feel. When you feel resistance, let the bubble remain there as you hold your breath momentarily. Imagine the edge of the bubble clearing that resistance. Exhale and allow the weight of the water to gently push the bubble back down to the level of your butt.
  • Once the bubble reaches the very top of your head, the visualization changes. As the bubble reaches your crown, imagine it forming a big bubble on the top of your head – much like a soap bubble of a child’s toy pipe. Hold the bubble there for a moment, then, as you exhale, allow your exhalation to pop the bubble. Feel a fine, life-nurturing mist rain down on your body. See the tube full of water again and repeat this popping-bubble action at least three times.

EARTH Step 2:

  • Open your eyes and continue with the image of the bubble rising through the tube, but now, instead of it stopping at the top of your head, inflate the bubble so that it fills the sky with its edges expanded out all the way to the horizon.
  • Hold the bubble there while you momentarily hold your breath and as you exhale, pop the bubble. Feel a light, life-nurturing shower of water gently rain down on the earth.
  • Repeat for at least three breaths.

EARTH Step 3:

  • Let the tube fall away, but continue feeling the power of your breath. Imagine that your surroundings are bare and flat and empty.
  • As you breath in, lift the mountains (or whatever you eyes fall upon) up from this barren mesa and into existence.
  • As you hold your breath for a moment, hold the object steady like a parent steadying a child learning to ride a bike.
  • Exhale and allow the mountain (or whatever) to be a mountain (letting the child ride the bike on her own).
  • Repeat for at least three breaths.

LIGHT Step 4:

  • Look at any object that you instinctually feel has a “life force.” Preferable something that you don’t have to keep moving your head in order to see it in its entirety – ie: a flower – but not a tree that you have to crane your head to see. Bodies of water can be particularly powerful, but only if you feel a sense of “spirit” exists in them, otherwise stick with a plant or a dog or a friend sitting in front of you.
  • Inhale and visualize breathing their Essence (Life Force) into your body.
  • Hold your breath briefly and visualize that by doing so, you are filling their Essence with Light.
  • Exhale and visualize filling their body with this Light. Feel it as if you have lovingly created this Light within them – as a gift for which you want nothing in return.
  • Repeat this, with that same object, for at least three breaths. With each breath, you create a purer and clearer Light within them.

LIGHT Step 5:

  • Do the same (in Essence, out Light) with all things in your vision now, living and non.
  • Breath in an entire stand of trees. Hold and fill with Light. Exhale and fill the stand of trees with that Light.
  • Breath in the mountains, the rocks, the sky, the clouds, the river, the buildings. Anything and everything you can see. You don’t have to do this on an individual basis, but can breath in and out broad vistas at once.
  • Repeat this until everything in your vision is filled with Light.

LIGHT Step 6:

  • You’ve probably been breathing fairly deeply up until this point, so let your breath relax a bit – the action of creating is over and the allowing has begun.
  • See everything as different densities of Light. See the boundaries between objects as fluid and ethereal as the Light within each object gently pulses and glows. See the ground as a sea of Light. See the sky as a glowing aura and the clouds as a slightly brighter puff of Light. See the trees as tall shafts of softly glowing Light and a flying bird as a streak of bright Light creating Light waves/ripples through the sky.
  • See your body as a glowing, rotating, orb of Light and see any resistance, any feeling of solidity within, as made up of a delicate, egg-shell-like material.
  • As you breathe in, see the egg-shell material begin to glow as the Light passes through it.
  • As you breathe out, see the glowing egg-shell material dissolve into the Light, like a fine powder blowing away in the breeze.
  • Continue this visualization until all remaining traces of a solid “you” have vanished and in your body’s place is a glowing orb of loving Light.
  • If you like, you may stop here, gently patting Hortons (thoughts), as they arise, back down into the sea of Light. This experience is very similar to what it feels like be the Witness – Light, Love, and only a trace of separation. The longer you remain at this level and the more often you practice it, the easier it will be to “slip into the Witness” as you go about your day to day activities.

WISDOM Steps 7-9:

  • These are fairly self-explanatory steps whose purpose is to help you see through the artificial boundaries (Hortons) that separate you from the World. These steps will help you move into Stage II Enlightenment – Pure Consciousness, but they are not necessary for experiencing Stage I Enlightenment – the Witness as felt in Step 6 above. If you are feeling frustrated with these steps, then simply return to Step 6 and continue to nurture the Witness. There is no hurry – hurrying at this stage is just a sign of ego-spoor (“I want, I want, I want.”). Steps 7-9 will feel fairly easy when your consciousness is ready. The experience of resistance here is a sign that you still need to strengthen the Witness (Steps 1-6).


Please post any questions and experiences in the comments section below. This way others may benefit from them and I won’t have to answer a bunch of duplicate emails. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you comment on any positive experiences as this will help motivate future readers to try this method for themselves. Please do not comment with criticism without actually trying the meditation. Comments such as those will be deleted. This practice is about experiencing, not theorizing.

Once I’m certain – after any needed editing – that the technique above is clear and understandable to the readers, I’ll post a PDF of the “summary” portion (the top portion) so that you can easily print it out and take it with you during your practice sessions. In the meantime, you may want to copy and paste the top, summary section into a text editor and print it from there. – W

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10 thoughts on “Waking Yourself Up. Part IV: The Practice

  1. Wow this looks amazing Wayne thank you for posting ~ will practice and inform all re the experience..
    After doing morning yoga practice and meditation my thoughts kept flowing to a beautiful reading

    ..The variety of all things finds a pleasure. ”

    Maybe when we experience we see the formless one, comming into form as we become, fixated with love for the experience. The experience; being the formless form, being dissolved by the rain, being consumed by the fire, for the experience (of love) for truely only when the soul serves is it able to see itself as love, then let us serve another.

  2. Hi Wayne,

    First post here. Read a few of your posts and found them heartflet, inspiring and powerful. Thank you and carry on 🙂

    These practices sound amazing and I will definitley try them. I felt a special affinity with the Light phase in particular.

    One note though: the first phase (the Earth phase) suggests a tube from the butt to the crown. As you point out correctly this is a variant of a fairly known practice of yoga and kundalini. But I’ve heard many times cautioned that raising energy to the crown prematurely can be dangerous. Alternatively people have suggested either clearing the path from the butt to the forehead or third eye, and not to the crown, or to leave this pathway clearing work to its own devices (it will clear automatically as we open). What do yo think about this?

    Otherwise seems like a wonderful practice and it was definitely registered here! Will try it soon, not sure if I’ll be able to do it outdoors but plenty of light also in here I believe!

    All the best. In light and love,

  3. Hi Helder and welcome.
    I prefer to remain ignorant of fearful warnings about inner work. As my long time readers know, I almost always question authority. My motto, “Try it, see what happens, and if you don’t like it, don’t do it again.” 🙂

    Also, I will be making a recording of this meditation (probably two, one with instructions and one without) and a much simpler meditation designed to help the listener experience the Three Enlightenments. I’ll announce them on this blog when they are ready.

  4. Wayne, I really enjoy and appreciate your site. So please don’t think I’m being antagonistic in pushing back at you a little on this issue. I’m not, promise!

    The premature crown opening issue is important. I feel that you’ve failed to give it its due; something’s going on with you on that, given that you have, apparently without noticing, coughed up a honker of an “I am a….” honker as your sole response.

    I opened my crown, using a technique not unlike the one you suggested, five years ago. Lots of kundalini, the whole works. It created serious energy imbalances, and I’ve spent pretty much every waking moment ever since trying to cope with an inundation of energy I was unable to comfortably handle. No, just “letting it all happen” didn’t help; any such surrender summoned yet more rampaging blissful energy….the ultimate example of “too much of a good thing”. My spiritual situation was a Chinese finger trap.

    I’m an extremely experienced hatha yogi, with uncommonly close awareness of my body and its energies. If that weren’t the case, I’d have been in a sad state, indeed, and might never have emerged from the over-energized, burnt-to-a-crisp state (I’ve outlined the solutions I eventually found here: http://www.aypsite.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3296 )

    “You” are a maverick. Ok, fine. You were lucky, in that you have a natural ability to accommodate the torrent. Ask or surf around, and you’ll conclude that there are a very few like you, and many more like me. And you, like it or not, are serving as an authority figure to others. They are trusting you and following your lead. What aid and counsel are you prepared to offer if the neurobiology of your readers becomes fried from tsunamis of Passion they’re unable to comfortably integrate?

    I’m not speaking theoretically here, nor am I spewing pissy yoga dogma. I speak from experience. It’s a real concern, not a vague bogeyman.

    The advantage (among many obvious disadvantages) of teaching within a longstanding spiritual tradition is a large data set of experiences informing your teaching. Maverick teachers (e.g. Maharshi) have generally waited decades before teaching, to be sure they were ripe. They worried about leading their followers astray, understanding that what’s efficacious for one person may be dangerous for another. They figured it made sense to be as clear as possible before showing others the way. They figured a data set of 1 was likely insufficient.

  5. @Jim: Don’t be afraid. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Light is Love, it is Her. Nothing to be afraid of. You attribute you issues with a premature Kundalini opening, but I attribute them to fear. She knows what’s best. Don’t be afraid.

  6. I think the paradox here, for the inner vision impaired, is that in these practices, we have to use more hortons. The tube, the sea of light, seeing thoughts as pink hortons is all just more hortons that the ego is playing with. I find that many people arent really good visualizers and so there needs to be an alternate method to realize Oneness.

  7. No doubt that energy work can be tricky. One morning I generated so much heat in “fire” breathing and visualization that I walked 8 miles in a -15 degree blizzard in a just a shirt and pants without the least chill (the wind was gusting over 30 knots). When I got where I was going, I was so hot I couldn’t bear to be inside. In general I find that energy work is a little counterproductive unless you lack energy. It tends to convey a sense of power and that strengthens ego.

  8. I know it’s been years since this blog entry was posted, but still, I’d like to point out that many people have poor visualization ability and will be unable to do this meditation. I am entirely unable to visualize (or imagine sounds, smells, taste, touch), so I couldn’t possibly do any of what is suggested.

  9. I’ve been practicing Kriya, a practice that is very much like the earth steps, for 5 years and meditating for 10. I have found this “earth” practice on its own to be incredibly powerful. I naturally have gained the ability to connect with my surroundings and feel them as myself as a result. Until you started talking about the importance of nurturing that connection I didn’t realize it was something I could do intentionally! And to see you post this practice just made my day (i must have missed it the day you originally posted it). Thank you for your thoughts, it’s lovely to read and learn from your experience and your honesty is refreshing!

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