Waking Yourself Up. Part V: Practice Benefits


Below are a list of benefits to the guided meditation I presented in the last article. What may seem like just a simple visualization actually packs quite a lot of experiential learning into it…

  • A Sense of Oneness. Both Stage I Enlightenment (the Witness) and Stage II (Pure Consciousness) are felt as a deep sense of Oneness with the world. From the very first step of the meditation to the very last, Oneness is actively felt.
  • God-like Powers. One of the most often misunderstood techniques in Western practice is the practice of god-like powers. “The Secret,” positive thinking, witchcraft, shamanism, etc. – though they may work for some, are often distorted by egoic desires. The “creating” and “breathing life into” your surroundings – as practiced in this meditation – are powerful examples of ego-less god-like powers – a common practice of spiritual adepts at Wilber’s Subtle level consciousness. These steps result in overcoming the thought of yourself as “mere human” and thus rapidly loosening the grip of the ego.
  • Seeing Through Mental Boundaries. Much of Light and Wisdom phases of the meditation help you to experience a boundary-less state. Boundaries between objects and yourself are seen as mental constructs (Hortons). The felt-realization (not mental-realization) of a boundary-less state is a commonly reported (and I can attest to this) experience of Enlightenment.
  • The Present Moment. Since the focus of this meditation is almost exclusively on your surroundings, the powerful experience of the present moment (Tolle’s, et al, “The Now”), is felt throughout.
  • Experiencing the Witness. Once in the Now, the Witness (Stage I Enlightenment) is experienced as “consciousness seeing out these eyes.” The feeling of “being in this moment” as well as “being a part of this moment” without ego thoughts (Hortons) arising, is exactly what the Witness feels like.
  • Experiencing Pure Consciousness. With practice, Pure Consciousness (Stage II Enlightenment) may be experienced. The very act of looking at an object, is seen not as the Witness seeing something else, but as simple Seeing with no See-er and no separate object seen.
  • Consciousness is a Process. The experiencing of shifts in your consciousness during the meditation helps dispel the assumption that the Witness or Pure Consciousness are fixed conditions. Thoughts arise in everyone, enlightened or not, and when they arise, they still “take over” that persons attention. Enlightenment simply means you no longer identify with the false self (ego), not that you no longer have thoughts or feelings.
  • Loosens the Ego. With practice, the experience of the Witness will rapidly dissolve the ego as your center of identification. Simply experiencing the Witness on a daily basis (via the meditation) with “retrain” your way of thinking of yourself. This is probably the most powerful aspect of this meditation.
  • Hortons Block the Present. Involuntary thoughts (Hortons), when they arise during the meditation, will be seen and experienced as a negative thing (“Bad Hortons”). The feeling of Oneness will be blocked by the arising of these Hortons. This negative experience will make it much easier to see when they arise, and thus easier to “catch” them before your attention is too distracted to “pat them back down.”
  • Involuntary Hortons. The difficulty in stopping Hortons from arising teaches us just how little control we have of our minds. This too helps us dis-identify with our minds and ego-based Hortons.
  • Horton Handling. By learning to “pat the Hortons back into the ground,” we learn that we don’t have to have total mind control (ie: be a 30 year Zen veteran). This visualization provides a powerful tool that helps us once more “see the Light” when caught up in our own minds.

If I still had an ego, I would have wished to take credit for this meditation, but, just as my five am insights seem to come from someplace much wiser than my mind, so too did this practice.

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