What is the Ego? (Revisited)

Lone Leaf

RED ROCK CANYON STATE PARK, OK–Earlier this month, I wrote a post, What is the Ego?, but I need to expand on that. The previous post should probably have been titled, Ego Part I: The Ego Story.

There are at least two distinct “personalities” to the horribly ambiguous term: Ego…

  1. The Ego Story: Identifying with (thinking of yourself as) your past and the roles you play. I cover the Ego Story here.
  2. The Ego Gorilla: Emotions (desires and aversions) centered around the false, personal self, “This will bring ME happiness” and “This will cause ME pain.”

I’ll cover the Ego Gorilla in the next post, but the Ego Gorilla is exactly what it sounds like: a 900-pound monkey on your back.

The more adept you become at recognizing the Story and the Gorilla, the sooner you’ll realize when you are being influenced by them. The more clearly seen, the easier dropped.

These two aspects make up what is commonly called the ego, but what is much more clearly stated as the Personal Self.

Recognizing that the personal self is an illusion, is enlightenment.

Enlightenment means the end of all your personal suffering. Personal suffering ends because you no longer believe in a personal self.

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