What is the Ego?

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Anyone on the path of spirituality knows that the ego is the main barrier to enlightenment–but “ego” is a horrible word for describing what the problem truly is. “Ego” is vague, ambiguous, and because of that, to most, it becomes meaningless.

If you want to wake up, all you have to do is see your personal story as just that, a story…

Your Story

Since waking up, I think of “Wayne Wirs” in much the same way that you think of “Santa Claus.” Wayne Wirs is a story, a story that I used to adamantly believe in–just as a young child believes in good old St. Nick. I would get upset when people would say harsh things about Wayne Wirs. I would be hurt when people would call Wayne Wirs names or make fun of his body. I hated Wayne Wirs when he was weak or selfish or degenerate.

Just as there is no Santa Claus, there is no Wayne Wirs–never has been. Just because I believed in him didn’t make him real. Wayne Wirs is a fantasy, an idea, a thought, a collection of stories that people who knew me attach to me in their minds. Just like you, I used to believe in Wayne Wirs.

The only difference between the story of Wayne Wirs and the story of Santa Claus is that the story of Wayne Wirs is “a true story based on actual accounts.” But is it real?

Can I show you the first time I kissed a girl? Can I show you the first time I rode a bike? Or jumped in a pool? Or saw the Grand Canyon. No. All those are memories–memories in my brain and in the brains of a select few individuals. Nothing real. Nothing you can taste, or touch, or hear, or see. Nothing.

What IS real is me typing these words. What IS real is you reading these words right at this moment. What IS real is the breath you are taking right now. What is real is your awareness–your awareness of what is happening right here and right now.

Don’t get me wrong. Thoughts are real. I know this and you know this because you feel thoughts. Thoughts are real, but what thoughts CONTAIN are not real. The thought is real, but what you think about is not real.

The thought of Wayne Wirs is real, but Wayne Wirs–the content of the thought–is not.

“Wayne Wirs” is a story–like the story of “Moby Dick,” or “Ivanhoe,” or “Gunga Din.” “Wayne Wirs” is based on a real life, but, like any fact-based story, it isn’t real right now. It was then, but it isn’t now.

On the other hand, “Wayne” is only a sound–it has no meaning, no story. Wayne is just a sound, a breath, a feeling. Wayne is a movement in this moment.

Stop thinking that your “ego” is your problem. “Ego” is a terrible word, it is too vague and too cerebral. “Wayne Wirs” is the thing you have to see as an illusion–as that which is blocking you from seeing Life. “Wayne Wirs” is the thing that is blocking you from seeing Life as Life was meant to be experienced.

You are not a story, you are not “Wayne Wirs.” By dropping all that noise, all that history, all that pain, all that crap–you can wake up and really see who you truly are. Look at any photo that I have ever taken and you will see Yourself within it. You are the Life that you sense within each of of my photos. Feel it! See it! Don’t analyze it…recognize it! You are the Beloved that you have been searching for your entire life. You are the Divine Within.

Who are you without your story? Who are you without all the artificial and mental boundaries? Without boundaries, without a story, how can you not be Everything?

There is no “State-Your-Name.” There is no “Wayne Wirs.” All there is–all you are–is the sound of your heart beating, is the feel of your lungs breathing, is the awareness of you “be-ing.” All there is, all there has ever been, is You as Life living.

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2 thoughts on “What is the Ego?

  1. Absolutely loved it! and as i turned the page of the book i read by Deepak 7 Spiritual laws of Yoga,

    Oh what would i do without my eyes ~

    …….empty the cup.
    -Zen master Nan-in

    and as the great sage Patanjali states from here on what we see is that which we become, what can be more profound life without the boundary we inflict upon ourself sounds like heaven/Nirvana/Samadhi words are not needed, not needed at all..

  2. Heh – you just explained this page from _The Messiah’s Handbook_ (and also _Illusions_) by Richard Bach:

    “You are led
    through your lifetime
    by the inner learning creature,
    the playful spiritual being that is your real self.
    Don’t turn away from possible futures
    before you’re certain you don’t have
    anything to learn from them.

    You are always free
    to change your mind
    and choose a different future,
    or a different past.”


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