Why You Suck. Part I

Lone Reed on a Misty Lake

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–My belief is that the easiest way to wake up is to:

  1. See and experience how wonderful enlightenment feels.
  2. See how the illusion of a Personal Self sucks (see below).
  3. Naturally drop the sucky Personal Self because you’re sick of it.

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Why The Personal Self (You) Sucks

  • You rarely see the beauty of reality.
  • In fact, reality often sucks.
  • Having to work sucks.
  • Bosses suck.
  • Being humiliated by a sucky boss sucks.
  • Staying at work because you don’t know what will happen next sucks.
  • The future is ominous.
  • The present isn’t good enough.
  • The past sucks.
  • The past was great but now it’s gone and that sucks.
  • You’re too fat.
  • You’re too thin.
  • You’re hair is too thick, thin, kinky, curly or straight.
  • You’re hair is too gray. Way too gray.
  • Getting old sucks.
  • Death is scary.
  • Hell is even scarier.
  • Are you going to hell?
  • Heaven sounds really boring.
  • You ARE going to hell.
  • You are a failure.
  • You can’t do that because you tried before and you sucked at it.
  • You hate to fail.
  • Failure sucks.
  • You hope no one ever finds out when you _____ed the ______.
  • You regret it that you _____ed so-and-so.
  • And now you feel guilty because you’re thinking about when you ____ed so-and-so.
  • You worry about things that haven’t even happened yet.
  • You know it’s going to happen though. You just know it.
  • You need more stuff.
  • You never have enough stuff.
  • The stuff you have isn’t good enough.
  • The stuff you have doesn’t feel as good as it used to.
  • This computer sucks. You need a new one.
  • New computers are such a pain to set up though.
  • And you just got this computer set up the way you wanted it.
  • Computers suck.
  • Look at all that old computer equipment you have in that drawer.
  • All this stuff is smothering you and that sucks.
  • You have way too much stuff.
  • Your love life sucks too.
  • You want a more attentive lover.
  • You want a lover who satisfies your every need.
  • Your lover doesn’t love you enough.
  • Your lover is way too selfish.
  • Why does love feel so needy?
  • Your lover keeps breaking your heart.
  • Heartbreak sucks.
  • You deserve a better lover.
  • Love sucks.
  • You suspect people think you are a lousy mother, father, sister, brother, and/or friend.
  • People just don’t understand you.
  • They keep judging you.
  • Your lousy, good-for-nothing lover keeps judging you too.
  • Being judged sucks.
  • People suck.
  • This post sucks.
  • Wayne sucks for making you feel like a loser.
  • Wayne’s a loser.
  • Judging others doesn’t feel so hot either.
  • Well, a little bit, but now you feel guilty again.
  • You’re such a lousy example of a human being.
  • If only the world revolved around you, you won’t have to worry what anyone thought.
  • The world SHOULD revolve around you.
  • Why doesn’t the world revolve around you?
  • If they’d just listen to you, then the world wouldn’t suck so much.
  • It sucks that nobody listens to you.
  • People suck, they don’t listen to you, and a lot of them are out to get you.
  • The world if full of terrorists, murderers, rapists, child molesters, and meanies.
  • And all of them are out to get you.
  • Well, you’re sure some of them are out to get you.
  • Did you lock the front door?
  • Fear sucks.
  • You shouldn’t be afraid.
  • You SHOULD be afraid because there is danger everywhere.
  • Pit bulls hate you.
  • All spiders are poisonous and want to kill you.
  • Drug addicts are going to break into your house and steal all your stuff.
  • Life is dangerous.
  • You’re born, you get good stuff which is taken from you, your hair turns gray, and you die.
  • Life is meaningless.
  • Life sucks.

Once you wake up–once you drop the illusion of the personal self–none of the above will ever bother you again.


The personal self is just a thought gone awry. It is just a fantasy–a persistent fantasy–but just a fantasy nonetheless.

The personal self is not real. And it is causing you a world of suffering.

And that sucks.

December 16, 2009 5:56 PM: Added a video, Dropping the Personal Self, to the videos page (Wayne).

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4 thoughts on “Why You Suck. Part I

  1. Only by reading these words could i detect the feeling of depression and negativity creeping into me.. just imagine entertaining these mirages endlessly and being ruled by such – It sucks agreed!

    On the up side to all the melodrama we only need to feel and locate ourselves before the thought.. (as you point out in many of your teaching) as the pure unbounded source of all that exists around us, that which we also find ourselves to be an extention of. That is what we are true unbounded spirit disguised as human beings.. the eternal game of hide and seek… The story is that which keeps us locked inside the eternal labyrinth thinking ourselves to be seperate when in reality we are all there is ~love is all there is.
    Love is not an emotion it is a state of being it is our true nature and it is our journey of life to be one with this state of being..

    Without a role in the play as the spectator/visitor in the drama~ where would this leave one … EVERYWHERE?!;) prerequisite though is to meditate twice a day 20 minutes a sitting! Try it life is beautiful!

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