Why You Suck. Part II

Stairs in the Forest

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–My Why You Suck post was designed to be funny, but my following points are serious.

Separate You from your personal self. Your goal isn’t to accept your personal self, it is to separate You from your personal self. Separate You from you (capital Y from little y).

It’s not about making your personal life better. It’s not about checking items off the previous list, “Oh, that’s not my problem.” It’s about seeing how the personal self sucks–and just as importantly–how it may suck in the future. It’s not about fixing your personal self, it’s about transcending it.

Feeling, not thinking. It’s not about thinking how it sucks, but feeling how it sucks. The more you feel it emotionally, the more easily you can identify it, separate from it, and drop it.

Seeing it and touching it. Most importantly, it is about touching the personal self. Touch it, pull away, touch it, pull away. Like touching the table, pulling away, touching the table, pulling away. The more often you consciously touch it (by seeing it and feeling it) the easier it will be to realize that you are not it.

Once you distance yourself from the personal self, once you separate from it, once you see it for what it is–a thought gone awry– then you’ll drop through the Hourglass of Enlightenment and never suffer from the pain of the personal self again.

December 16, 2009 5:56 PM: Added a video, Dropping the Personal Self, to the videos page (Wayne).

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