Why Don’t Enlightenment Teachers Blog?

Blurry Bench

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–A couple weeks ago I went through this entire list of enlightenment teachers (Nonduality/Advaita Vedanta) and not one of the (currently) 77 teachers keeps a personal blog. Not one. Isn’t that strange?

Sure some of them post “article” blogs–a series of articles supporting their teachings–but no teacher blogs about their daily lives. Not a single one.

Enlightenment is not just about waking up–it’s about living life. It’s about a rare, amazing, open, and natural way of seeing and functioning in this world–the perfect fodder for a good blog.

Each of these teachers must have considered how useful a day-to-day, personal blog would be for their students, and yet none of them chose to share their non-egoic lives.

Really–isn’t that strange?

Empty & Gentle

Resting on Fern Leaves

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–I have found that there are two qualities that underlie all awareness when the personal self drops–qualities that are powerfully felt when I’m not under the influence of decades-long conditioning: Emptiness and Gentleness.

Emptiness (vastness/openness) is the mental quality of awareness. In a strange, wonderful intermixed sort of way, everything seems to arise (comes into existence) inside of me, is a part of me, and yet is (all at the same time) still separate from me. I use the word “emptiness” because of the strong feeling of it happening inside of me (“me” being the feeling of this vast, living, emptiness). The inside/part of/separate paradox isn’t really a paradox though–it’s just like when you think of an easter bunny: the image is inside you, part of you, and yet separate from you.

Gentleness is the energetic quality. It underlies everything. Conditioned “Wayne” has a lot of Yang (“can-do,” assertive, forceful) energy, but under that conditioning, is this simple, gentleness that feels so much like the “true” me. I’ve often heard other’s call it “love,” but that seems too vague, too idealistic. “Gentleness” feels more alive, more flowing, more natural.

Emptiness is mental and very difficult to experience for most. The noisy personal self is the main barrier to experiencing it.

Gentleness on the other hand is very easy. Just practice being gentle.

Then, as a tool, notice that when you are not being gentle, that you are either under the influence of the personal self or prior conditioning. The simple act of seeing them makes it much easier for them to drop away.

Limited Print: Falls at Letchworth

Falls at Letchworth

This month’s print is from my stay at Letchworth State Park in NY. Beautiful place. Also note (below) that I’ve lowered the prices of all prints. Those who purchased at the higher prices have been sent a refund via PayPal.

25 copies of the above print (sans the black border) will be available for purchase for $100 each. Free shipping and handling.

The photos are unmounted and printed with archival inks on high quality paper. I’ve signed and sequentially numbered each print. The image is 9″ x 6″ on white 8.5″ x 11″ photographic paper. This sizing allows room for the signature and print number (example) to be displayed with a standard-sized matte and frame (not included).

25 prints is considered a very small print run. Once these prints are sold, that’s it, there will be no more printed.

Prints may be purchased here.

New Prices

I’ve decided to lower the prices of all prints:

9″ x 6″ prints were $150, they are now $100 with free shipping and handling.

4″ x 6” prints were $25, they are now $10 plus shipping and handling.

Spiritually Clogged


A question from a reader via Wisdom for Alms:

Hi Wayne,

I have been meditating with Holosync (currently on Purification 1 CD #3.) and it looks like the more I do it the more I find myself in a depression. I have no motivation for anything (work, personal goals, etc). I have less awareness instead of having more. I just want to know if I should continue.

At what point was it worth it for you? I keep reading about people who meditate and it just frustrates me since I haven’t obtained any wisdom like these people I read about. The reason I keep on meditating is out of faith and because people like yourself give me a little hope.

God bless your work.

(My reply below the break)…

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Wisdom For Alms and Free Limited Prints

Boardwalk at Fern Forest

In an effort to help others get through what I’ve gone through, I’d like to offer to anyone who wishes it, free spiritual advice.

When I was a spiritual seeker, I would have loved to find someone qualified to answer my personal and unique questions. It would have made my search so much easier. But none of the teachers that I respected offered such a service.

I want to fix that.

I had thought of this idea months ago–when money gets really tight and I find myself on the streets, I’ll stand at a busy intersection with a sign that reads, Wisdom for Alms. Maybe wear some long robes and a shaved head.

So before it gets to that, here’s a virtual, and much more effective version of it–Wisdom For Alms.

Promotion: Free Limited Prints

(Sorry, this promotion is over – ww)

The only way this is going to work is for others to hear about it. I can’t afford to advertise, so I’ll offer what I have:

For a limited time (if you still see this promo then it’s still active), in exchange for an article about Wisdom for Alms on your blog, a posting to a forum, or the PUBLIC portion of your Facebook page (so non-friends can see it), I’ll send you a free 4 x 6 limited print of your choice. You must be the author of the original post (a post please, not just a link, but a paragraph or two) and you must provide a link to the Wisdom For Alms page ( http://waynewirs.com/wisdom-for-alms/ ).

Ideas on your post: What you like about this blog, my message, my photos, what I’m trying to accomplish, what you’ve learned…

Send me the URL of your post with your mailing address and the print you’d like (4×6 size) and I’ll mail you the print in gratitude.

Hurry, I reserve the right to remove this promotion at any time.

Unfortunately, tweets on Twitter, though I’d be very grateful for them, can’t be tracked effectively, so I can’t offer the print in those cases. But I guarantee HUGE positive karma points for Wisdom for Alms tweets–I mean really, free spiritual advice from a “newly-minted enlightened guy” (thanks Kirtanman) has got to be Tweet-worthy.

Spiritual Guide vs. Spiritual Teacher

Surfboard on Beach

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–You may have noticed I changed the name of this blog again, Down-to-Earth Enlightenment. Recently I came to realize how my “way” differs from almost all the other spiritual teachers out there.

Most enlightenment teachers teach from the top down: “This is what Heaven’s like. Come on up.” They provide an “open space” for the student to find their own way to enlightenment. They sit, they glow, and they beckon.

That’s just not my way. I tend to work from the ground up. I work best in the trenches, taking the hand of whomever I’m helping and guiding them up out of the darkness. I’ve had years and years of experience in corporate America doing just that. I was always the favored “tech guy” to go to because I helped people truly understand what was wrong (without making them feel stupid)–and I’d do it in a down-to-earth, approachable, and easy to get manner.

Part of the “Awakening Pregnancy” thing (bottom of this post) seems to be this insight: I am more of a spiritual guide than a spiritual teacher. I’m more comfortable helping people one-on-one–getting results–than some guy sitting up there in front of a crowd, glowing and smiling. I can glow and smile like the rest of them, but I really don’t like that approach. It just feels to distant for me. Too impractical.

I’m not ruling out talks–hell, I’m not ruling anything out–I just don’t want my style to be sit, smile, glow, and beckon.

A Dream of the Dark and the Light

Dawn of Clouds

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–The other night I had a powerful dream:

I was deep inside some large dark cavern, a cavern that the entire population lived in (or so I thought). I was being chased by some large, unseen dinosaur. As I fled, I ran past a wolf that was caught in a hunter’s trap. As I ran by, I felt terrible because I knew the monster was going to eat the wolf. Feeling guilty, I turned around and, even though I thought the wolf would bite me (and the monster might get us), I freed him from the trap (a wire was wrapped around his neck and I cut it away with a pair of wire cutters that were conveniently in my pocket).

More below the break…

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Small Prints

Small Prints

I’ve added these six postcard-sized prints to the Limited Prints page. I felt I needed to offer a more affordable, yet still collectable, option of some of my work.

Each print is 4″ x 6″, numbered and signed on the back. Print runs are 250 (only 250 copies will ever be printed). To keep the numbering system fair, I’ve decided to randomly select the number of the print each buyer will receive (ie: the first person to order may receive print number 92/250, and the next person to order may receive print number 1/250).

Current prices for any of the above prints are $25 (prices may go up at any time). This price includes shipping and handling within the U.S. (For orders outside the U.S.A, I’ll shoot you an email with the costs prior to shipping so you can decide for yourself).

FYI: I expect to add one medium print (9″ x 6″) and at least one small print (4″ x 6″) each month.

Synchronistic Wisdom

Empty Room

“The less there is of me, the more there is of Her.” Synchronicity is a powerful indicator that the belief that we are all One is indeed true. The less there is of you–blocking the Divine within–the more readily the Universe (Her/your Beloved/the Divine Mother/God) can work through your body and in your life…
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