A Day at the Beach

Beach Umbrella

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–I took the day off and went to the beach today. The parking meter was broken so I parked for free.

I found an open area near the water, and, as I was settling in, a few young college boys/men started to put down there towels a few yards away. I noticed they had a football.

I walked over, and–knowing this beach quite well–said to them, “The lifeguard over there won’t let you toss the ball on this part of the beach, but if you head just over there, north of the pier, you can.”

As I was turning to go, I turned back and said, “Besides, that’s where the girls are.”

Maybe, with this simple dialogue, one of these guys may meet a girl, get married and have a few kids. Who knows? I like to think so.

As I was leaving for the day, I stopped a random car looking for a parking spot, told him to follow me and gave him my free-parking meter spot.

Many people say that enlightenment means you become detached from the world.

That’s simply not true.

Without a personal self, you are the world. Enlightenment means you become detached from results.

Enlightenment is not about losing your humanity–it is about losing your person-hood.

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  1. Oh my, without the parking meter income; the pier can’t be properly repaired and someone my get hurt. Reporting the problem to the lifeguard that keeps children and pregnant women from getting hit by footballs would have been the proper thing to do. ;0

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