A Rainy Birthday

Out My Window on a Rainy Birthday

WHITE OAK CREEK CAMPGROUND (COE), EUFAULA, AL–On the birthdays of my past, I would always call in sick to work, never answer the phone, and take the day to think about my life. All years prior, I would contemplate where I had been, where I was heading, and strategize a way to get there.

Today, as the rains poured down outside, flooded my camp and rolled off into the lake, I felt my thoughts flowing in much the same way as the water flowed. Not trying to control. Not trying to solve. Not trying to fix. Just watching where my thoughts were drawn. Listening to Her whispering in my ear.

It is so freeing to let go. To allow Life to guide you rather than trying to control it. To allow Her to carry you where She wishes.

Our minds fight this lack of control–but oddly enough–when you do let go, when you surrender completely to Her, She’ll take you right to where you are meant to be–right to where you belong.

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5 thoughts on “A Rainy Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to the one who has realized “there is no Birth … and no Death ”
    Many Happy returns of the day Wayne !

  2. Happy beautiful day to a most beautiful soul, was making a mental note of it the other day and here in the inbox announcing its celebration. (those whisperings..) Life is a splendid gift when it gets viewed from another level as said no end no start, just being.. a celebration indeed injoy!

    ..see the face in the water of this magical photo..blessed gifts of the spirit.

    All love and light for a most cherished day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Wayne! (aka “The Former Wayne Now Known as Wayne’s Body-Mind” : ) ) …. and yes indeed …. the “free ones” (birthdays; anything, really) are much more fun than even the best of the “dream ones” (birthdays; anything, really) …. and as you, I, and others in various stages of ongoing experience of the “enlightenment thing” experience/understand: … one of the very few things that can be said about it at all is: actuality is lived (much, much more, at least, than the pseudo-life of thinking-dreaming) as a “moment to moment” thing. It’s almost the opposite of a lot of “enlightenment mythology”: rather than a “permanent state” of ever-peaceful awareness …. it’s much more a moment-to-moment thing: if there’s some all-too-human-feeling “constriction” this moment, so what? It’s likely completely gone, in a moment (“Every moment is a new universe” as I’ve said elsewhere). The essence of the freedom is experienced in the moment-to-moment releasing of all of it, and thus experiencing that experience changes – but the essence of Self (loving awareness) does not. All of which is my trademarked-ly :o) long-winded way of leading up to: Happy BirthNow, Wayne! : ) (And Now, And Now, And Now …….)

  4. Forgive me for being late; *we* (family) knew you wouldn’t answer the phone. But one more year, and *physically*….. 😉

    Tarot suggests that one’s Birthday is like the Judgment card in the Major Arcana: a day where the *physical* you meets up with the *metaphysical* you and shows you the year before.

    So my Gift to you for your birthday is a series of questions for you to think (and maybe blog?) upon:

    How did this past year go for you? Did you make mistakes? If so, what did you learn from them?
    If you could, what events would you change this past year?
    What about the events of your Life since you were born – would you change anything? If so, what?
    ( ^ ask *that* question again on 5/2/2011 and see if the answers change.)

    and the hardest of them all: Do you expect anything for this year of your Life?
    If yes, what?
    if no, then why not?

    Oh, and if you can find a copy in a library (the author didn’t bother to put it in digital format), read _Water Shows the Hidden Heart_ by Roma Ryan. I think you’ll like it.

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