Are We God?

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PALM BAY, FL–Yesterday, at my brother’s, I was trying to explain the relationship between us and She (he calls Her “God”). At the time, I was doing a very poor job of it. We put the question aside and got down to far more serious matters which involved killing alien invaders on Halo Reach, but later last night as I was driving home, a much clearer analogy came to me. More below the break (huh?).

Imagine that you are an ocean current in a vast Sea. She/God is the Ocean and you are the current.

Question: Are we God?

Answer A: NO. Though we consistent entirely of She/God (all of the current resides in the Ocean), She/God also has other parts that exist outside of our current.

Answer B: YES. When we look closely at our boundaries (where the current ends and the Ocean begins), we realize there are no real boundaries–there is just a movement in the vast and endless Ocean. The boundaries separating us from Her/God are an illusion, they only exist in our imagination.

Answer C: I don’t know.

Answer D: None of the above.

Answer E: All the above (including answers C and D).

So, are we God?

  • One who is religious would say answer A is correct.
  • One who is a nondualist would say answer B is correct.
  • One who is an agnostic would say answer C is correct.
  • One who is an atheist would say answer D is correct.
  • One who is awake would say answer E is correct.

If you want to wake up, information-wise, this post is pretty much all you need.

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2 thoughts on “Are We God?

  1. What a discussion…I’ve always felt God is in everything but God is “no thing”; therefore I’ve ceased trying to explain God to others. It is what it is.

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