Desperately Seeking Happiness

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DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–As I wander about South Florida, I often imagine that I’ve stumbled into the middle of a giant, adult Easter Egg Hunt. All around me people scramble about, covered in fine jewelry, fancy watches, and expensive cars, their hair coated in gel or hairspray, their eyes roving while their minds plot and plan and fantasize. Each desperately searching, hunting, and futilely seeking happiness in external stuff.

Many want more.

I often want less.

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One thought on “Desperately Seeking Happiness

  1. Less is more i agree dear Wayne and the bounty of being comes to us when we shrink in size. When heart becomes the lense through which the eye perceives love, and only love remains.

    The powerpoint is huge we only need plug into, it is ever there deep inside. We can draw on its strenght, on its wisdom and its bounty.. indeed for it is a universe within ourselves.. where hairspray and wondering eyes mind have but no meaning.

    beautiful Rumi feels right now

    “As regard feeling pain, like a hand cut in battle,
    consider the body a robe

    you wear. When you meet someone you love, do you kiss
    their clothes? Search out

    who’s inside. Union with God is sweeter than body comforts.
    We have hands and feet

    different from these. Sometimes in dream we see them.
    That is not

    illusion. It’s seeing truly. You do have a spirit body,
    dont dread leaving the

    physical one. Sometimes someone feels this truth so strongly
    that he or she can live in

    mountain solitude totally refreshed. The worried, heroic
    doings of men and women seem weary

    and futile to dervishes enjoying the light breeze of spirit”

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