Eerie Alabama

Old Bicycle

POWELL, AL–On the drive north to my friend Doug’s place the other day, I decided that yes, I was going to sell the RV and get a step-van or box truck and outfit it as a stealthy RV. I have been wrestling with this idea for months. I like the idea of being able to go anywhere, stay anywhere, and not have to make plans on where I will camp or for how long. The freedom to go to where I am drawn without restrictions. Sort of like the Peace Pilgrim but with a computer, bed and wheels. 🙂

Anyway, not five minutes after I made this decision, while stopped at a light in Oxford, AL, a guy in a pickup truck pulls up next to me and shouts over, “Hey, you want to sell your camper?” This has happened a grand total of zero other times in my life, so I took it as a sign that I had made the right decision.

I pulled over, let him look at my rig, gave him my number (his father is looking for a used RV), and continued on my way.

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