Empty & Gentle

Resting on Fern Leaves

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–I have found that there are two qualities that underlie all awareness when the personal self drops–qualities that are powerfully felt when I’m not under the influence of decades-long conditioning: Emptiness and Gentleness.

Emptiness (vastness/openness) is the mental quality of awareness. In a strange, wonderful intermixed sort of way, everything seems to arise (comes into existence) inside of me, is a part of me, and yet is (all at the same time) still separate from me. I use the word “emptiness” because of the strong feeling of it happening inside of me (“me” being the feeling of this vast, living, emptiness). The inside/part of/separate paradox isn’t really a paradox though–it’s just like when you think of an easter bunny: the image is inside you, part of you, and yet separate from you.

Gentleness is the energetic quality. It underlies everything. Conditioned “Wayne” has a lot of Yang (“can-do,” assertive, forceful) energy, but under that conditioning, is this simple, gentleness that feels so much like the “true” me. I’ve often heard other’s call it “love,” but that seems too vague, too idealistic. “Gentleness” feels more alive, more flowing, more natural.

Emptiness is mental and very difficult to experience for most. The noisy personal self is the main barrier to experiencing it.

Gentleness on the other hand is very easy. Just practice being gentle.

Then, as a tool, notice that when you are not being gentle, that you are either under the influence of the personal self or prior conditioning. The simple act of seeing them makes it much easier for them to drop away.

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4 thoughts on “Empty & Gentle

  1. Wayne,

    Seems like the when ever there is an idea of division of one into 2 one is dealing with fundamental division, like metaphysical division. So I totally agree with you that the recognition of 2 basic states is possible. I would like to elaborate from my own perspective and hopefully add to the discussion.

    A division of one into two implies that there is an original whole. THis could be called the Tao. This is a state that cannot be experienced because it transcends experience. (SAT)

    On the level of experience (which is the 2 divided elements within the one) there is the basic division of subject and object.

    THis is where your ideas appear-the emptiness is the experience of the subject with no object to experience. This is hard because it is like a coin with only one side. A paradox. The only way to really experience this state is hard work in deep meditation. It is Samadhi. (CHIT) (Father)

    The experience of gentleness is the subject (you) experiencing bliss. Bliss is the most basic and continuous experience in the universe. I would add though that all experiences such as happiness, energetic motion, emotion, anger, sadness are all manifstations of the same material that bliss or gentleness is made of. (Ananda) (Mother)

    This is the basis of the Hindu belief that our true nature is SAT-CHIT-ANANDA.

  2. Terry,

    I appreciate your postings here, but have to disagree with you that the only way to really experience emptiness/ samadhi is through hard work in deep meditation. That used to be the only reliable way to experience it. Now, people can be easily guided, in one or two sessions to a very real, authentic experience of this peak state that used to take many years to achieve.

  3. @Terry & Carole: I agree with both of you, there are many paths, and that our true nature is not accurately described (but hey, what is?). 🙂

    Experiencing these higher states though–no matter which path–is critical to weakening the grip of the personal self and is why I created these meditations–as kind of a shortcut to interrupt the personal self and help expose it for what it is…an illusion.

    Thanks for your comments.

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