Even More on Less Control


STAUNTON, VA–I’m hanging out in a mall parking lot in my RV, sweating my butt off, sitting in Limbo. An ex-virtual woman I know (I just met her in the flesh yesterday) is contemplating buying my RV. I had hoped to hear her decision by now so I could know which direction my life will take. If she buys the RV, I’ll probably go grab an “extended stay” hotel room near the beach, work on my tan, write a book that’s coalescing and code software. If she doesn’t buy it, I’ll probably head out to Colorado where it’s cooler, boondock, write a book that’s coalescing and code software.

But who knows their future? Has anyone’s life turned out the way they expected it?

The Wayneness wants to know (but he’s an idiot). He wants her to buy it. He wants to get a box truck and camp stealthily anywhere his heart desires.

The Wayneness has a plan.

The Oneness on the other hand just smiles and says, “My/Your/Our future is already written.”

It’s really as simple as that.

Our future has already been written. It doesn’t matter what our little minds want. She’s got a plan.

We might as well relax, let go, and watch as Her Beauty unfolds.

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