Finding Your Perfect Home Business

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PALM BAY, FL–And now for something completely different…

I usually get requests for spiritual guidance or advice from my Wisdom For Alms offer, but yesterday I received one on, basically, creativity.

Sandy was looking for advice on finding a niche, online market that would keep her interest while providing income.

My reply (below the break (huh?)) may be of use to anyone looking for a business idea, hobby, or project that they will feel passionate about.

Hi Sandy,

Sounds like you need to shift to the creative side (“Use the Force, Luke”).

I would not worry about the details at this stage–SEO keywords or, per your book outline comment, colors and textures of your mind map. But a simple mind map (pencil and paper) may be just what you need at this point to help you generate ideas.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Start a mind map with “Things I Love” in the center
  2. Fill it out and extend it until the flow stops
  3. Put it away
  4. Repeat tomorrow at step #2

Step #4 is very important! Creativity needs time to brew and age and bubble to the surface on its own.

The above steps will help you find your passions and interests as well as stimulate some “seed” ideas.

I’d also do a couple more mind maps:

  1. “Things I Think About Often”
  2. “Things I am Afraid Of”
  3. “Things that are out of Balance”

These three are closely tied together–we think about things we are afraid of or that are out of balance in our lives more than harmony and contentment. This is just the nature of the human mind, but it is an area where there will be many like-minded readers with similar issues.

Lastly, try to shift your motivation from “working at home” (making a living) to “helping others.” That one shift in attitude will be reflected powerfully in your work.

Hope this helps.

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One thought on “Finding Your Perfect Home Business

  1. Thank you for posting this. I do think it will help some others. Even though we are “seekers” many of us are still searching for an island of freedom.

    For anyone visiting this post, I must say that I am so pleased with the answer I received. After doing the exercises, I discovered more than just a niche, but a lot about this ego and its purposes and attractions.

    I don’t know about you, but living your life doing something with meaning is important; so important, it is a part of many spiritual practices; most will be familiar with the concept of “right livelihood”. And who would know a lot about that but someone who left “employment” seeking to evolve their own mission and purpose and help the world as well: I’m talking about you, Wayne.

    Again Wayne, I really appreciate your rapid response turnaround and the “thoughts” given to this issue. I’m sure in time I’ll have some other questions; but right now, I have some solid things to contemplate.

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