Fixing Yourself

The Empty Pot

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–Fixing yourself is a lot like re-writing a novel–the end result is still a fiction.

Lasting happiness can only come from seeing the personal self for what it is–a collection of thoughts, a story, an illusion.

Your life won’t get any better by fixing yourself.

Get off that hamster wheel. After all these years, it still hasn’t brought you any lasting happiness.

See the lie. Push it away. Let it go.

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2 thoughts on “Fixing Yourself

  1. Love it!!!! I’m sure you will get a lot of feedback on this. So I’ll start.

    I have read/intreptred from many enlightened (even Adyashanti) that even after awakening things could come up that need healing or similar. This seemed to apply whether enlightened or or not, like the core belief “I’m not good enough” etc. What about this kind of stuff.

    Thanks Wayne!!!!!

  2. @Tim: Yes, old conditioning still comes up, often at the most unexpected times. The difference is that (and I’ve read of this, but never felt it before awakening) you no longer identify with the conditioning.

    In other words, I still feel the desire to “fix” this body or experience, but it feels like I am fixing my vehicle (body) or travel plans (life experiences) rather than my “self.”

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