Flashing Lights

Flowing Water

EUGENE, OR–After I arrived in Eugene on Tuesday afternoon, I checked into a hotel, then drove into downtown to check out the area. A couple hours later, as I’m driving back to the hotel, the “Check Transmission” and “ABS” lights start to flicker on and off.

Last month, when I was trying to figure out whether to keep the truck and I heard Her say, “You’ll know when you get out West,” I guess this was what She was talking about. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Flashing Lights

  1. Check it, running and hot, top off if necessary. If you decide to keep the truck it might be a good time for a BG Trans Flush. Do it at a reputable garage or if you have to, at the sealership NOT Jiffylube. HTH. Realy enjoying the blog/photos…peace.

  2. @Tom: Thanks for the tips. Actually it appears to be a short somewhere in the electrical system (both the Transmission and ABS lights would flicker) and, three days later, the batteries were dead.

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