Getting My Priorities Straight

Tree & Hay & Storm in North Dakota

A CORNFIELD SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE BISMARCK, ND–After locking my keys in the truck while stopping for a break in the woods of the Chippewa forest, I took it as a sign that 1) She wanted me to stay the night here and 2) it was time to get my priorities straight.

An hour later I got the truck unlocked (with a small branch no less), and spent two nights right in that spot.

In the video The Secret they tell you that you can gain your wildest desires if you only focus on them. That’s true–if you aren’t ego based. Spirit (what I call Her) almost magically provides as long as there is little or none of “you” left. This is simply because there is less of “you” and more of Her operating through your body/mind.

Lately I have been concerned about problems with the truck (a natural concern with a used vehicle) and sure enough, I’ve been having problems with the truck. Nothing big, and frankly mostly my own fault, but enough to really make me see who’s really running things here.

So I spent the two days re-evaluating my priorities:

  1. Really start listening to Her.
  2. See and drop any resistance to Her.
  3. Work on the consulting gig (for income).
  4. Make the truck more livable.

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9 thoughts on “Getting My Priorities Straight

  1. Love the way the earth touches the sky in this scene just beautiful and see her right there in the swirling of the hay love and happy truck thoughts !

  2. @Q: Thanks Q and welcome back!
    @Dave: It started out as a mad dash to get out of the heat and humidity of the East:
    – Overnight S. Detroit, MI (strip mall)
    – Paradise, MI (UP) (deserted factory)
    – Ashland, WI (mysterious large warehouse with no signage)
    – Chippewa National Forest, MN (forest road)
    – The cornfield in SD (cornfield)
    – Now I’m at a little coffee shop in Bismarck, SD
    I’ll probably head up through the Badlands area of western SD to get back to Rte 2 next, then I’m drawn to see Glacier National Park in western MT but who knows where She’ll pull me.

  3. Sounds like you have it well worked out! You’ve re-framed your priorities to better fit your needs, you will take actions you’ve plotted out toward accomplishing your goals, and, most of all, you will make it a point to more actively stop actively doing. You’re really on top of it….especially the “not-being-on-top-of-it” stuff! A whole lot of “letting” going on, clearly! 😉

    Wayne, I’m truly sorry; I swear that my intention is not to cause hurt. But is it really possible I’m the only one in the room giggling here? And would it be possible at some point to summon the courage to walk back this whole “I’m enlightened” thing and recognize that you’re still dreaming….and that when you’re no longer dreaming, there won’t be enough “you” left to pin a “realization” badge upon?

    You can’t be special AND non-existent, Wayne. And “She” doesn’t give a crap who you decide to let steer the car. Your delusion that you have control to hand over is laughable.

    Again, I realize this comes off as tough and derisive, and I do apologize. It’s just that after reading along for some time, I feel called to cut to chase. Hopefully, it will piss you off a little (thus helpfully marking the plaque remaining on your teeth, so to speak). I know that you’ll very quickly breathe it out for a more expansive, more “spiritual” reaction, and you’ll frame a terribly compassionate and mature reply (regardless of whether you choose to post it). So I’d suggest you self-observe quickly before that move cuts in.

  4. PS – God doesn’t have a special task for you to do out West. And she is not giving you special portents about your special tasks out there. And such portents are not tea leaves you need to get better at receiving and obeying. In fact, post David Berkowitz and post 9/11, it’s probably best that you blithely let pass such impulses, because they’re from your unconscious, and the unconscious is rife with scary ugliness.

    There is nothing BUT God, Wayne. This whole “guiding light” scenario you’ve got going is just Maya. You’re creating an emulation within Maya.

    My suggestion is that you just live naturally. Even if it’s less special seeming that way. Even if it’s sloppy, and you feel like a shmuck, and nothing happens to make you feel really special. In fact, I’d walk away from anything special-seeming for a while. Like this blog, for example.

  5. Jim and his karma….who are you to know or judge what wayne is going thru? are you the expert on people’s lives or something? get real……..what business of it is yours?

  6. Patty, I could just as easily direct the same thoughts to your posting. Who are you to know or judge what I’m saying about what Wayne is going through? Are you the expert on commentary and analysis? And as for whose “business” this is, Wayne chooses to publish a public diary and invite comments from the Internet. If this were his private business, there’d be nothing to comment on and nowhere to post it.

    But it is public, rather than private, and I’ve commented, as thoughtfully as I was able to. And now you’ve commented on my comments (as thoughtfully as you were able to?). That’s exactly how it’s supposed to work!

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