I Love It When I Find A Great Site

RV by the River

HUNGRY MOTHER SP, VA–As I was breaking camp today, I noticed one of my–I don’t know what they are called, a “do-hickey” I think–was missing from the front of my jeep. The do-hickeys attach the jeep to the tow bar which allows the RV to pull the jeep around behind it.

Because of the missing piece, I ended up getting a much later start than I expected (it took about two hours to find another do-hickey ($3.00) at Tractor Supply in Kingsport). Not a big deal, as I wasn’t planing on driving very far anyway.

But because of that delay, I ended up finding this great camp spot right on the river. There is no way this spot should have been empty as all the other sites on the river were taken. The previous occupants must have just vacated it. Once again, I’m finding this whole control thing is over-rated.

So I’m sitting here in my little office in the back of my RV, listening to the river flow by, fine-tuning the photo and writing in this blog.

I love the sound of a babbling stream in the morning. It sounds like… victory.

I’m a very lucky man.

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2 thoughts on “I Love It When I Find A Great Site

  1. Looks like a nice spot. I used my new skillet last weekend – very nice.

    PS: Doc misses “the big giant head”

  2. Every morning as I make my eggs, I thank you Doug. (Doug and I swapped skillets when I was down at his place a couple weeks ago. My cast iron for his stainless. I like the stainless much better (I’m too lazy for cast iron)).

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