Making My Bed

Red Circle Door

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–If all goes well, my windows and vent should be installed sometime this week. I’ve been working on the bed frame and platform the last couple of days. I decided on a full size version (versus the smaller twin), even though it will take up more space. A lot of time is spent in bed, so I figured I’d do it right.

Though I could have gone with a folding sofa/bed design (copying what Randy had done in his stealth trailer), I went with the simpler, always down bed. I can change it later if I find it gets too cramped inside.

The bed will sit three feet up in the air so there will be plenty of storage space underneath. This is a big reason why I wanted to get the bed done (versus just an air mattress on the floor). I needed someplace to store the boxes of my stuff and keep them from shifting while driving.

Since I don’t have a skill saw (my 1500 watt inverter isn’t powerful enough to run one), I just have the wood cut to my measurements at the Lowe’s, and then it’s just a matter of assembling the pieces.

Because I’m taking it slow–doing a step at a time then re-evaluating my plans–I’m finding I make less mistakes. This has made the whole process much more enjoyable.

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