More Synchronicity (The Mystic’s Divine Intervention)

Fall in Florida

PALM BAY, FL–Early yesterday morning, in my inbox, I find a long, complex email from my client, sent the night before. In it, he went over all the extra features and functionality that he wants implemented into the project we’re working on so that it is ready for an upcoming demo.

Huge changes. Complex changes. Changes that require a lot of thought and time. Changes I didn’t feel I had the time or energy to make. More below the break (huh?).

With my mother going under the knife the first week in January and the added responsibilities of looking out for the folks during her six weeks of recovery, I suddenly felt overwhelmed.

Realizing I was getting caught up in the Illusion (my head), I looked outside at the trees and grass and shifted into the Radiance (explained below).

I stilled and dissolved and surrendered until there was almost nothing left of me–just a vast openness surrounded by a slight, “self tension.” Then I allowed the ripple of concern for my family and professional obligations to arise, and, speaking directly to Her said, “You know, I could use a little help here.”

Just as I said the last word, “here,” my Mac “bings” and I see an email from my client stating that, after sleeping on it, he’s changed his mind and now feels we should just clean up the current version of the project in preparation for the demo–rather than risk the software blowing up because of the larger changes.

I mean the timing was perfect, “You know, I could use a little help here.” … “Bing!”

Just like that (snap of fingers), the “problem” was resolved.

Episodes like this help support the mystic’s belief that synchronicity is really, quite simply, Divine Intervention. See The Implications of Synchronicity.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

*Radiance is a term from The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (free download here) and is a blending of both the Stillness and Passion levels of enlightenment. Radiance is where the self stills and dissolves almost completely into Her (the Oneness personified: God, the Beloved, Tao as Divine Mother, …).

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3 thoughts on “More Synchronicity (The Mystic’s Divine Intervention)

  1. I’ve had these moments and I called them “synchronicity” also. Have you found, in some instances, people who know you and your style of working, sort of know when they have asked you to do something that doesn’t make sense?

    I know when I have been on the other side, and made what later I found to be an unreasonable request, and therefore changed my mind; I realized that the problem was I impulsively asked them to do something unreasonable(my ego) . Once I thought about what I’ve done, I immediately contact them and they tell me that they were just trying to figure out how they were going to meet my request.

    I guess what I’m asking, in your situation, what “synchronicity” means to you? Was it that you had just asked “her” to help you and then received the email at that moment or was the synchronicity that perhaps this person realized from some quality of your interaction that this project demand criteria would be to demanding at this time.

    I’m asking this because I’d like to get more of a handle on identifying what “synchronicity” means. I think will keep a record of when these incidents happen. So, thank you for this post.

  2. @Sandy: I use the term “synchronicity” to refer to the regular AND meaningful coincidences (Jung just meant meaningful coincidences). The regular part refers to how often these coincidences happen to people as their personal self dissolves. This is why I relate it to “Divine” intervention — an intelligence getting involved (see this post).

    As to my client knowing me well and it just being a “predictable” coincidence, there is the profound timing of the email (right after I asked for help) and the phone conversation I had with him a few moments later. In the conversation, he said he completely forgot about why I was back in S. FL (to look after my mother). With no obligations (as he was thinking), the changes were more than doable in the time frame we had. Granted it could have been a subconscious memory on his part that inspired the second-thoughts, but that combined with the timing just seems too great to me (also, I’m a morning person and he is a night owl, so the early morning email from him is another oddity).

    Still, the incident by itself could easily be dismissed as just a freak coincidence — I’m not saying all coincidences are proof of a divine intelligence — but when you combine them with how often they happen to those with a weakened personal self (see articles under Synchronicity and particularly this one) then you have some pretty convincing “evidence.”

    Thanks for the great question and keeping me honest. I’ve got an analytical mind, so I’m all for proof and evidence and indicative patterns to back up theories. -w

  3. Wayne here is a copy of an email I sent today related to yours, just FYI.

    From: Hawkins, Tim
    Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 11:19 AM
    To: ‘Ray Morose’
    Subject: Synchronicity

    Hi Ray

    As you know I have been struggling with the notion of personalizing God/The Good to allow it to come through as IT wants in my life. Then slowly this last week I had been getting little hints and then a big one that I almost missed. I got a regular email from a guy I who’s progress I have been following for years. its fascinating to watch unfold. He was talking on Synchronicity, But at the bottom I saw this:

    …Radiance is where the self stills and dissolves almost completely into Her (the Oneness personified: God, the Beloved, Tao as Divine Mother, …).

    I thought you were the only one talking of this but I’m being shown I’m wrong!

    Its funny how his Synchronicity lead/connected to one for me and who knows what else, looks like life itself is out to convince me, very interesting!! 😉

    Last note, this all opened up to me as I was in a work conversation and I pulled back into myself. Like in your exercise, where we see how looking out into the world we/I project myself out there so to speak and lose contact with my self so to speak.

    Just wanted to drop this note to you.

    Tim Hawkins

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