Naked In A Stream

Little River Canyon

POWELL, AL–Today, I hiked down a trail, took my clothes off and went skinny dipping in a stream. There is something wonderful about being naked in Nature. Nothing between you and the sun and the rocks and the water.

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Being naked in a stream is a good analogy for enlightenment also. In Reality, there is nothing between us and the Life flowing around us. It is our natural state. Natural, but not normal.

Our “normal” state is when our minds jump in and start confusing us. Our minds tell us that we are different from the Life flowing around us. Our minds tell us we are separate from the Beauty. Our minds create the Personal Self, a powerful story where we play the role of the main character–a fictional character–who is in constant battle with the world around us.

You are not a character. You are not the clothes. You are the wearer of the clothes. See the clothes for what they are: an artificial covering, a man-made object, a useless safety net.

Drop the clothes at your feet, step away, and come on in for a swim.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, you won’t drown. People won’t laugh and point.

The water is cool, and clear, and refreshing.

The water is Life–and there is nothing between you and Her.

And as you swim in Her water’s you’ll soon realize–there never has been.

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