On Gentleness

Soft Leaves

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–I’ve just finished a response to a Wisdom for Alms email. In it, I talked about personas, about putting on an outfit in order to play in the great Game of Life. I mentioned how a persona is not a lie or a false front, but a focusing of a set of qualities that reflect aspects our true nature.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been focusing on gentleness. As I mentioned in a previous post, gentleness seems to underlie the Selfless state.

Invariably, when I am not feeling gentle, I find that I am under the conditioning of the old “Wayne Wirs.” Conditioning which is the result of 48 years of cultural programming.

Conditioning can be re-programmed.

Conditioning is why I am living in gentleness. To reprogram my reactions. To still my old, unconscious ways.

Without a self, we stand stark naked in front of others. But that nakedness makes others uneasy.

Gentleness is like wearing a soft, comfortable bathrobe–and a smile.

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