Real World Divinity

Rocks in a Forest Stream

WAYNESBORO, VA–I talk a lot about “Her,” this one, all inclusive Life Force that suffuses everything. Ironically, I don’t consider myself religious in the least. This “She” (to me) IS NOT an unseeable, unknowable, entity, something you have to have faith in. Nor is She this lifeless point in space in a “vast sea of pure awareness” that the dry and dusty nondual teachers parrot each other about… (More below the break).
She is more real to me than the table that my computer is sitting on. More real to me than this body that is doing the typing. Once I fell through the hourglass, once the personal self fell away, what was left (of me and of everything else) was this one moving, living, Life Force.

Granted, I personify this Life Force by calling it a “Her” (and it feels so really wrong to use the word “it” in that last phrase). But I use the word “Her” because that is the way She feels. She feels alive and aware and caring. She feels feminine, much as in Taoism where the Tao is described with “feminine” traits (caring, nurturing, giving birth to, the source of all things).

And it may be confusing that I say, “the One Life Force” and then talk about Her as if She is separate from me, as in something other than me (or you). But that is simply the mind trying to put things into little boxes–to break things down into definable components. The mind says it is either THIS (separate) or THAT (unity). But to believe that is like saying when you look at the front of an object, the back of the object doesn’t exist. The truth is that everything is all one AND individually separate.

She is Me. She is You. She is Everything. And She is living and breathing and moving within everything–right now, right here in front of you.

Learning to see Her in everything–yourself, others and the world–is both beautiful and uplifting. It fills you with an overwhelming sense of appreciation.

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2 thoughts on “Real World Divinity

  1. Yes beautiful and awesome as your words weave a huge smile on my face! Love the thread that nothing is separate and all of Her/It/Source dances through all hearts filled with love and gratitude.

    Like the flowing of water we all connect from the heart from Her/Source/It what blessed connections we then create! Beauty and inspiration thank you for the post!

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