The Snail on the Door

COE EAST BANK CAMPGROUND, CHATTAHOOCHEE, FL–Though my message still hasn’t fully clarified, I’m often rewarded with glimpses of it.

It seems to me, when it comes to teachers and students of enlightenment, that there are two primary camps: Those who are attracted to the Stillness (Tolle, Adyashanti, …) and those who are attracted to the Emptiness (Maharshi, Krishnamurti, “Nondualists,” …).

Stillness draws those who seek calmness.

Emptiness draws those who favor logic.

But there is an often overlooked aspect. An aspect, ironically, that is wholeheartedly embraced by most religions: Love.

Love isn’t quite the right word though–it is too vague–but it is closer than “God,” or “Spirit,” or “The Divine.”

It is closer because Love is a verb, not a noun, and this aspect of enlightenment is a movement, not a thing.

Awareness? Perception? Too dry, too clinical.

Life? Not as in “My Life,” but as in, “The Life that moves through this body.”

The Life Force? Aliveness? Living-ness?

I don’t know what to call it, but look at any object, living or inanimate, and you will see Her dwelling there within.

Rumi saw Her. Emerson. Da Vinci. Saint Teresa. Lao Tzu. They spoke of Her, painted Her, wrote songs and poems of Her.

Do you see Her? Can you feel Her “alive-ening” you?

I know it’s a contradiction that I call this moving, living, energy a “Her,” but calling Her an “It” is way too impersonal–way too cold. Disrespectful even. Odd huh?

Am I crazy? Can you see Her in the photo above? Can you see Her in the Snail? In the Lock? In the Wood of the door? Can you see Her in the Light?

I am crazy aren’t I? I just know it.

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7 thoughts on “She

  1. I hope all goes well for you tommorow. If not – well, I’m sure something will work out. Looking forward to seeing you again.

    “I’ve been there; you’ve been here and we still ain’t had time to drink that beer”.

  2. Wayne
    you are soooo not crazy, you are brilliant. You are one with what is, and serving others as well by your “work”. Or is it rather “joy”?

  3. The “normal” are the insane: fearful to share feelings,or be vulnerable, or explore the unknown, or revel in the mystery…worse yet: fearful to ‘love’.
    The more “out of the norm” or “crazy” anyone I meet is, the more genuine and sincere they seem to be. I learn from them how to be more fearless, to break out of the stagnant conformity and evolve with personal growth.
    James Redfield says in The Celestine Prophecy and Celestine Vission, that the more you connect and flow with “her” (the energy), that wonderful people will syncronisticaly enter your life and help guide you along your ‘true’ path……Wayne, you are one of these many ‘angels’ that I have been lead to within the last couple years and it’s been an awesome journey!
    I would like to deticate a quote of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s to all the so called normal “non crazies” out there:
    ” It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society “.

  4. Wayne,

    Thanks for your work. Here’s my usual spin on it.

    Path of Emptiness is Jnana (Buddhism)
    Path of Stillness is Raja
    Path of love is Bhakti (Christianity)
    Path of Action is Karma

    The ‘her’ you speak of is Divine Mother, Energy, Parusha and Holy Spirit.

    All the religions say the same thing, it is just dressed up differently!

    Enjoy your insanity. It sure is more interesting than sobriety, whatever that is.


  5. Crazy indeed …. so utterly crazy you’ve managed to drive yourself completely sane. : ) And … Love, Huh? Hm. Enlightened Love …. what would that be like? You’re saying that maybe, like, for instance, some random enlightened guy, could fall all the way into This Loving,and become so crazily sane with Loving, that he might write, sing and upload a catchy, profound song to Her, about Loving All She Is And Does (aka This That We Each And All Ever Are Now), radiating a genuine, liberated, happy, peaceful vibe, while singing about the joyous reality of utter freedom ……. even though, technically-speaking, according to conventional medical consciousness ….. he’s, say, dying of AIDS? Many of us might feel that’s just far too beautiful to be believed. And others of us are receiving Her grace to know and share that it’s every bit beautiful enough to be utterly real.

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