Temporary Bad News

The Elderly and The Lake

Warrior’s Path S.P., Kingsport, TN–In the comments of my last post, reader Emily asked my thoughts on the oil spill. She’s talking about the Deep Horizon oil spill and I just spelled out “Deep Horizon” because, 1000 years from now, no one will know what oil spill Emily was referring to. A thousand years from now, readers will have to look up “Deep Horizon” because the memory will have been long forgotten and the effects of the spill will have effectively vanished.

This “temporariness” is a key aspect to finding inner peace and appreciation within our world. More below the break…

Everything is temporary: Life, death, pain, sorrow, joy. Unlike most animals, we try to hold onto things that feel good and fix things that cause us pain. We don’t accept reality. We fight it. And in this fight, we cause ourselves more pain, more suffering and more drama. We forget that pain is temporary and go to extremes to fix it. We try to hold onto what feels good and are disappointed when it is inevitably lost. Everything is temporary and yet we act like everything is permanent. We might as well shout, “Hold fast to the fleeting!” Cultural conditioning has made us insane.

The key to inner peace is to accept and learn to appreciate the briefness of our situation. Life is not a set and solid thing that can be polished and fixed. It is a flowing, dynamic, living, moving entity. Inner peace in troubling times comes from embracing the darkness, in feeling the beauty of life fading. To allow yourself to comfort those in pain with a heart that resonates with the understanding of pain. It is to recognize why we feel heartache and suffering… because we love Ourselves/Her/the Life Force–the same Life Force that moves through all things.

Inner peace comes from recognizing the flowing, even mystical, temporariness in the world. To feel it flowing through you as it flows through everything. Nothing is fixed. Everything is flowing, moving, living. Again from the Tao Te Ching:

High winds do not last all morning,
Heavy rain does not last all day.
Why is this? Heaven and earth!
If heaven and earth cannot make things eternal,
How is it possible for man?

With 24/7 websites and televised news coverage, we have access to the entire world any time we want. But because of the business-model of the media today, that world appears to be filled with tragic, violent, and sensational events. Of course this is a sadly skewed view, unbalanced to the point that it has almost nothing to do with Reality.

If your world seems too large and dark and ominous, do what I do: Make your world smaller.

Take a sabbatical from the news. Instead of reading the paper, go for a walk instead. I get so much more reality by simply looking out the window than I ever do from CNN. In fact just today, right after an early morning rain, I saw for the first time in my life a robin tug a worm out of the moist earth. A living cliche if I ever saw one, and–unlike yesterday’s news–one I will never forget.

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2 thoughts on “Temporary Bad News

  1. ..like your view on unpleasant/negative/sensation etc situations that exists and then not. Like the wave it just is, there is an up and down motion to life, when we ourselves become this harmony existing in balance with the ocean we will begin to ride these waves. We begin to see life presents us only with what we choose to focus on by becoming more conscious of what we give our energy/focus/intention to begins to blossom be it good or bad. We must choose however to align ourselves with the most neutral balanced ideas thoughts and projections into our lives and realize that what we give out returns to us in just measure.

    May all our intentions be toward love for ourselves then for our planet our mother and see Her healed, beautiful and balanced in every way this vibration is indeed what we need to bring change into reality. A gentle touch can transform where violence and destruction will ever divide.

    Ever choosing the way of love dear Emily is my most sincere and humble advise. Sending those healing thoughts already;)

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