Fallen Flowers

Yesterday, I was talking about how, without the ego barrier separating “you” from Her, there is a profound, yet inscrutable “communication” between the two poles (of You-that-was-on-the-inside and Her-that-was-on-the-outside).

As I was finishing up yesterday’s blog, there was a knock on my door.

Long story short, the local Oregon Food Bank sent over a driver, and he brought along his mechanic friend to check out my truck for donation, simply because the donation sounded, in their words, “too good to be true.” In poking around at it, they got it to run (a bad battery cable connection). Because it was just an inspection, they didn’t have the donation paperwork, so they said they’d take care of it tomorrow.

Suddenly I had a working truck that didn’t cost anything to fix and would be perfect for getting me and my stuff back to Florida.

What would you have done? What I did is below the break (huh?).

After taking it for a successful test drive, I told myself that if the batteries were holding their charge by tomorrow morning–and it starts–then I’d load the truck back up with my stuff, drive it back to Florida and donate $1000 to the Food Bank. (Didn’t I even read yesterday’s post?)

How did this decision feel? Like I was making a deal with Her, but I figured She wouldn’t let the truck start if She didn’t want me using it.

This morning, the batteries were still charged and the truck started.

I loaded everything back up, checked out of the hotel, got behind the wheel, turned the key and… nothing, not even a ‘click.’

I smiled to myself, nodded, checked back into my room and unloaded the truck.

Lesson learned? God doesn’t negotiate, but She does have a sense of humor.

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5 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. Too Good Wayne !!
    It seems “The Truth” stands naked out there – we may at times ( or many a times) aviod looking at it -knowingly or unknowingly !
    But sooner or later we are bound to face it – one to one !!
    Best Wishes

  2. This is truly wonderful Wayne! “God is a great comedian, playing to a world who is too afraid to laugh” – this is my FB quote. I just love Her cosmic play! All the best

  3. you know it almost unbelievable, and from anyone else i wouldn’t, it is so good for to hear these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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