The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (So Far III)

I know where it’s coming from, and I know to let go and let it flow, but I’m still amazed at how easily the words are “writing themselves.” The entire Part II: The Benefits of Radiance took only two hours at a Barnes and Noble this morning.

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Part Two:

The Benefits of Radiance


By releasing her Soul, the mystic surrenders to the Divine.

In surrender, the mystic loses herself in her Beloved.

She opens completely to her Beloved.

And through the opening, Radiance flows.

As Radiance, the Mystic Releases Control

With Radiance flowing through her, “Thy Will be done,” becomes the mystic’s way.

Surrendering control, the mystic flows in harmony with Life.

Life, in gratitude, fills the mystic’s days with gifts and blessings.

In her days before, she feared the loss of control.

Now, through experience, the mystic knows there is nothing to fear.

The Beloved, flowing through, guides and protects her.

The Divine harbors no ill-will.

As Radiance, the Mystic Gains Mysterious Powers

As the Divine flows through, the mystic’s spiritual powers are enhanced.

The more the mystic relinquishes control, the more powerful her gifts become.

Healing energies, psychic abilities, visions and intuition are exponentially increased.

Her life aligns, guidance is provided, and insights into the workings of Nature are revealed.

The less there is of the mystic, the more there is of the Divine…

The less there is of “her,” the more there is of “Her.”

As Radiance, the Mystic’s Life Aligns

For the mystic, as she opens and surrenders to the Flow, the world magically aligns with her vision.

When she needs money—money appears.

When she needs shelter—shelter is provided.

When she feels lost—previously obscured paths appear before her.

When confronted with a problem—solutions are shown.

When confused—wisdom is revealed and clarity arises.

Though she does not always know how, she always knows why:

Harmony with the One, is harmony with the All.

As Radiance, the Mystic sees the Divine In All

The mystic, feeling the Divine within herself, sees the Divine radiate within all.

She sees the Light of God in the Trees, in the Sky, and in the Waters of the Earth.

Everything is Divine to the mystic.

Everything is made of the Divine.

Buried deep below their person-hood, the mystic sees the Divine glowing in others.

She sees her Beloved encased beneath the shell of their Humanity.

Remembering her days before, the mystic remembers the shell she used to wear.

A shell she cracked when she leapt into the Abyss.

A shell she shed when she surrendered to the Divine.

As Radiance, the Mystic’s Life is one of Appreciation

As her life aligns with Life around her, the mystic is filled with gratitude.

Seeing the Divine in all things, her emotions are overwhelmed with appreciation.

The song of a sparrow, singing in the morning, floods her with feelings of euphoria.

A flower, gently turning toward the sun, engulfs her with wonder and awe.

A child, joyfully playing in the sand, brings tears of happiness.

Gratitude, Appreciation, Beauty, and Love.

These are the substance of the mystic’s life.

These are the joys of Mystical Radiance.

As Radiance, the Mystic Flows with Creativity

Seeing Beauty and Wonder and Love in all, the mystic is overwhelmed with the desire to share.

Creativity, stimulated and filled with Divine Light, comes alive like the Muses of old.

The mystic sings, she dances, she writes and she paints.

She revels in the Wonder.

Others may see her as mad—but she doesn’t care.

For the Divine Light moves through her, dances with her, creates with her, sings and paints and loves with her.

Her Beloved, glowing within, is her partner in Eternity.

As Radiance, the Mystic is Divinely Guided

Having dropped her “self,” having dropped her soul, to others, the mystic appears mysterious and solitary.

But to the mystic, she never feels alone or isolated.

She lives ever in the embrace of her Lover.

Her Beloved, watching over from within, aligns the World and straightens the path before her.

To others, she appears directionless and wandering.

To the mystic, her walk is Divinely guided.

With the Light radiating from within, she is protected from all dangers.

As Radiance, the Mystic is Prepared for Oneness

Though the mystic sees her Beloved in all things…

Though she feels her Beloved flowing through her…

Though she is closer to Him than she has ever been…

The mystic still feels separate from Him.

Though she sees Him in everything, oneness with her Beloved is her all consuming desire.

To become one with Him means the annihilation of them Both.

There is no other way.

To make One from the Two, is to destroy the Two.

To become One with the Everything, is to become the No-Thing.

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