The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (The Last Part)

Here is the last of The Benefits of Mystical Oneness. I’ll be adding some photographs (and maybe some commentary), then giving it away as an ebook.

I’m glad I followed through with it. I learned a lot about my vision, my message, my audience, and my understanding of the “intelligence” behind it all. I’ll cover those in more detail later, but first, here’s the last of the text (below the break (huh?)). Thanks for putting up with it/me/Her.

Part Three:

The Benefits of Oneness

Two become One

Sugar added to water sits at the bottom of a glass.

Stirred, the water becomes cloudy.

Stirred more, and the water suddenly becomes clear again.

The sugar appears to have vanished.

The water appears the same, but is not.

The water is no longer what it was—it is no longer simply “water.”

The sugar is no longer what it was.

Both have become something more than they were.

When the mystic dissolves into the Divine—each changes.

Each becomes more than they once were.

The Sugar and the Water are united.

The Two become One.

As Oneness, the Mystic is Flowing

At once Oneness, at once Radiance, at once the Soul, at once Human; the Mystic flows.

The Air—sometimes Warm, sometimes Cold, sometimes Windy, and sometimes Wet—is always the Air.

As Oneness, the Mystic is Boundless

In dissolving into her Beloved, the Mystic has no borders.

She has no edges.

No sides.

She is Everything and She is Nothing.

She and the All are One.

In an Infinite Sea, there are no drops of water.

As Oneness, the Mystic is Compassion

While the Mystic sees others as the Ocean…

She realizes they feel they are drops of water.

They believe themselves to be separate.

The Mystic knows they suffer because of this belief.

She feels their suffering like a cut on her hand.

Though she knows it will soon heal, the pain is still felt.

As Oneness, the Mystic is Love

All creatures love themselves.

It is perfectly natural.

The Mystic, being one with All—loves all.

Each tree, each insect, each person—she loves as herself.

How could she not?

It is as natural as the sun rising.

Life loves Life.

As Oneness, the Mystic is Simplicity

The Mystic lives a simple life.

She is in touch with Nature, for Nature is her body.

She is in touch with Humanity, for Humanity is her heart.

She is in touch with the Divine, for the Divine is her essence.

Being one with All, all of Life is one with the Mystic.

The nature of Life is simplicity and harmony.

The Mystic leads a life of balance and serenity.

As Oneness, the Mystic is Peace

To the Mystic, all conflict is unnatural.

Conflict between nations.

Conflict between individuals.

Conflict with oneself.

None of these arise from Oneness.

Each arises from separation.

The One does not fight Herself.

The Two will always fight.

Peace is the way of the Mystic.

Conflict is the way of Man.

As Oneness, the Mystic is Wise

The religious, the philosophers and the academics, having learned of the Path, are knowledgeable.

The Mystic, having walked the Path, is wise.

The knowledgeable preach and teach and interpret the Path.

The Mystic lives and thrives and celebrates it.

The knowledgeable are fit to judge, for they know the laws.

The Mystic knows no laws.

The knowledgeable try to bend the World to their will.

The Mystic, having surrendered her will, is one with the World.

The knowledgeable are pure and intelligent and proud.

The Mystic is dusty and ignorant and humble.

The knowledgeable are fools. They break the Path into a thousand pieces.

The Mystic is wise. She walks the Path and is one with the All.

As Oneness, the Mystic is Life

The Mystic is one with her actions.

When she washes the dishes, she is the dishes.

She is the soap, the water, and the washing itself.

She is the experience.

Washing the dishes, driving to work, walking the Path…

All are done wholly, naturally, completely.

All are lived—the experience is her being.

The Path of Mystical Oneness is the Path of Life.

It is the Path of God experiencing Herself.

Life is not God thinking…

Life is God breathing.

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  1. “Some say suffer,
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    Who says find your highest right for yourself?”

    ….and I’m quoting part of your Christmas present. 😉

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