The Implications of Synchronicity

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PALM BAY, FL–Lately, I have been thinking about the implications of the many synchronic events that have happened in my life (recent examples).

In The Implications of the Soul (free download), I point out that reincarnation implies that we never need to fear death again. Past life memories imply that we come back (reincarnate) pretty much as we are now–different bodies and cultures, but basically the same “person.”

But what are the implications of synchronicity?

What I have found, is that a close look at synchronicity can change your life… Really.

More below the break (huh?).

The Implications of Synchronicity

The term synchronicity was coined by the famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and a simple definition would be “meaningful coincidences.” This Wikipedia entry has more details and some excellent examples.

Here’s the thing: In order for these unusual coincidences to occur as often as they do–in order for the world to be manipulated to make these coincidences line up–there has to be a super-normal and omnipotent intelligence at work.

Let me put that another way:

Synchronicity implies God.

Now I’m not talking about the God of the Torah, Bible, or Koran–not a God who divides the world into good guys and bad guys (believers/non-believers)–but a God who’s out to help everyone (because at your highest level, you are Her, and She is everyone and everything).

Synchronicity implies not only a divine intelligence, but one that gets involved in–and manipulates–the events of people’s lives. Particularly your life.

Think I’ve lost my marbles don’t you? Almost all enlightened people in recorded history have talked of seeing/experiencing/being one with the Divine. Rarely do they focus on this topic (many feel it to be a “distraction” in the quest for enlightenment), but almost all speak of something along the lines of an “intelligent universe,” of a world that mysteriously “lines up” at appropriate times.

Want to be closer to God? Want to feel Her in all aspects of your life? Want Her guidance when times are tough? Want to see Her in plants, animals, the earth and sky? It’s simple: Start letting go of “yourself.”

You don’t have to realize enlightenment to benefit from this principle. Just start seeing your solid self image as getting in the way of Her. See the personal self as the barrier to the Divine and it will naturally start to soften on its own.

The softer your personal self gets, the more magical and miraculous your life will become.

Let go. See “yourself” as the problem. Open up and let Her in.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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2 thoughts on “The Implications of Synchronicity

  1. Wayne, Thanks for the post. I totally agree. This is actually quite synchronistic, because all morning I have been practicing what I call ‘surrender to being’. It sure does make the world glow when the little self gets quiet.

  2. Totally agree and something to ponder/be aware of/look out for/ expect. What I find more difficult is when ‘bad’ things happen. You have covered that elsewhere (your ‘stuck’ post) but suggested you had a ‘feeling’ about it beforehand. I’m talking about those ‘out of the-blue’ encounters with the ‘insanity/injustice’ of the world.

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