The Nonduality Quagmire

The Door under the Stairs

PALM BAY, FL–One of the popular approaches to enlightenment today is the path of inquiry. I have a serious problem with this, as most students of it, once they “figure it out,” believe themselves to be awake, when really all they are doing is fooling themselves.

If you don’t feel it, if you don’t feel the Beauty, the Wonder, the Passion, the Light, yes, even the Divine, in you, as you, and around you… then you simply aren’t there yet.

Below is an email from a man who recognizes that he is trapped in a nondual quagmire…

I so badly just want some peace. A loving sense of presence that reassures this body/mind that everything is alright just the way it is. That things are neither wrong nor right… bad or good, that they just are, and as that there is just perfection.

I have read “Sailor Bob”, “John Wheeler”, “Gilbert Schultz”, I had a phone conversation with “Charlie Hayes”, I have met “Byron Katie” at a seminar. My favorite book so far was Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse. I understand there is no personal me… no separate entity. What I am is that presence, that awareness that is knowing all of this. There is only just the one and everything is a manifestation within that.

So why cannot I see through the illusion? Why cannot I see through the separate self? Can it ever happen, can I have any influence towards this?

I know, I know… I, I, I. There is no I to have any influence over anything. I am already that! Jeeze, I am exhausted and yet I cannot stop the seeking. I feel like I am being pulled towards this by a invisible Tractor Beam that won’t let me go, but also won’t let me see through the illusion.

Is there a different way I can approach this? Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate your “story”, and your pilgrimage to find answers.

My reply below the break.

Hi Kurt,

I’m so glad you wrote this email as you point out very clearly what is prevalent, even epidemic in spirituality today: The theory just doesn’t jive with the experience.

All these non-dual teachers today are saying the same thing, “You are One. You are One. You are One,” and your mind understands what they are saying, but your day-to-day experience keeps saying, “I am separate. I am separate. I am separate.”

Your mind understands what the non-dual teachers are saying. It’s rational. It makes sense.

But you don’t feel it. And because you don’t feel it, the world continues to feel “out there” leaving you standing “in here” and almost constantly in conflict with it.

Sucks doesn’t it?

Not only does it suck, but, from your email, it actually hurts.

And that is where you are in luck.

Pain is a wonderful motivator. Pain is what separates the critics from the artists, the doers from the complainers. Pain is what converts you from a well-read man to a sage and wise man. Pain motivates us to get serious.

It’s time to put down the books, strap on your pack, and head up the enlightenment mountain. It’s time to practice, to observer your reactions to Life’s challenges, to pinpoint first-hand where theory and experience collide and find out for yourself exactly why the collision is occurring.

Here’s how I would start:

Read up on the Enlightenment of Passion (DefinitionAll Articles). This is the most interactive “flavor” of being awake and is the most practical for operating on a day-to-day basis.

Find out what the Enlightenment of Passion feels like, practice “living” it while interacting with the world. See first-hand when either the personal self or the ego barrier jumps up and blocks the feeling of Love and Light flowing through you.

This practice will make it very clear exactly what the ego barrier and personal self are made of, what activates them, and most importantly, how wonderful Life feels without them.

Your mind has all the information it needs–you’re halfway there. Now it is just a matter of convincing the mind (and your Self) the truth of the theory using real-world examples.

Practice. Feel it. See it.

Climb that mountain. Don’t worry if you slip, slide, or have to backtrack. Keep climbing and you’ll find your way.

If you found these words of use, please follow tradition with a gift of alms (donation). If you found nothing of use, simply delete this email and be at peace. (This text is placed at the end of all Wisdom For Alms emails).

Wayne (Wirs)

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4 thoughts on “The Nonduality Quagmire

  1. @Doug. No, this was from a little walk-thu in the “Historic” downtown Melbourne area. I’m staying at my sister’s vacant condo.
    Not thrilled with the photo, but my eye was attracted to the stairs and the kind of creepy door with the extension cord running into the hidden room.

  2. I’m with the guy in a “nondual quagmire. I have been told it will come with God’s grace, after all we are shadowmen, objects, appearances…….. “I” believe with all my heart but I’m here in limbo in neither the world of illusion nor of truth and it stinks!!!!

  3. Kurts email certainly resonated with me. I can feel his frustration-turned-pain (or at least my version of it)
    I too have read the writings of the advaita cops and spoken to some of them. Sailor Bob told me i would be ‘cooked’ soon but instead i am stuck to the bottom of the pan and burning. (see my recent story in my blog
    Wayne, you are the only one to have experienced the ‘shift’ that actually advocates DOING something, but…

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