The Oneness and the Wayneness

Rowboat Waiting

CHEWACLA STATE PARK, AUBURN, AL –One day I hope to write a follow up to Fading Toward Enlightenment and I plan to use this blog as reference for my notes. In line with that, here’s a little bit of what it’s like–so far–to be me.

For months after waking up, there was the feeling of three distinct states of enlightened consciousness: the Passion, the Stillness, and the Oneness. Though I would often “fall out” of these states into “Wayne Wirs” thinking, I would always–naturally–return to one of them.

Gradually–particularly over the last few months–those three states have kind of softened into a Oneness and a Wayneness.

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The Oneness

The Oneness is the center, is the opening, is the Source that everyone who has ever tried to talk about nonduality has had a problem describing. This is always felt as the background of my consciousness–as the me that is always there. It is my center–my being.

In describing the feeling of Oneness though, everything–trees, clouds, sounds, the sky… everything–feels like it “happens” inside of me. It doesn’t even feel like I have an outside.

The Wayneness

The Wayneness is a coalescing–a very soft locus of self–a slight “hardening” that interacts with the world. It’s more of a process than a thing. It hardens with problem solving, worrying, and trying. It softens with doing, being, and watching.

The Wayneness is never thought of as me. It is more of a movement within me–like an ocean current in a vast Sea.

Where the Oneness IS the world, the Wayneness LOVES the world.

I hope this makes sense.

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6 thoughts on “The Oneness and the Wayneness

  1. It does make sense. I think of it like a camera aperture opening. It is either narrowly focused on something small, and local (often personal), or it is infinitly open, with no edge where it ends and something else begins….No past, no future, no limitations. When it is focused locally, attachments to having or getting rid of something can occur, AND the other perspective is always available with a simple shift of consciousness. The local perspective is handy for navigating and accomplishing things in the world. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuro-scientest who wrote “A Stroke of Insight” talks about having a stroke that shut down the left side of her brain. She experienced the bliss of unity consciousness, but found it difficult to remember how to dial the phone for help. The Perennial Philosophy, the synthethis of all major religions, says as humans, we partake of two worlds, or states of consciousness, the human and the divine.
    Stillness, oneness, vastness, pure awareness etc. are all different characteristics for the un-nameable.

  2. I like this photo. Besides the soft calming colors it is a point where past, present and future meet. The boat is sitting in a spot where it was left since it’s last trip, in the spot it always sits; waiting for it’s next trip.

  3. I hope that now you understand why I chose a *nun* as my avatar –for that is how I see myself, although in service to a pantheon rather than any one god.

    …and why I say (although it’s based off what Descartes said/wrote) : “I LOVE, therefore I AM.”

    Love you…. bro.

  4. “Where the Oneness IS the world, the Wayneness LOVES the world.” ~ Wayne Wirs. “The mind no longer hold beliefs; some other power moves it. I call it love.” ~Adyashanti. “You calmed the storm inside of me and now I’m free, my beloved / So now I let the battle go and watch you run the show, my beloved” ~Richard Schooping. : )

  5. like what you said, Doug in Powell. everything can be looked at that way. the room I am in. it holds the memories of others who have sat here and visited. it is quiet right now with just me. it hold the potential of other people, other visits at other times.

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