The Peace Within

Tiny Blue Flowers

CHEWACLA STATE PARK, AUBURN, AL –If you look closely at any living thing–a tree, a bird, a pet, even at yourself–you will notice that at its core, at its very center, is a deep peace. When all activity is dropped, at our center–at the center of all living things–is the true nature of Life itself: a deep sense of peace and serenity.

Enlightenment is simply recognizing that this peace within is not something to be gained, not something found inside of you, but is who you really are. You aren’t a person who has peace somewhere within them, you are the peace within–covered by a person.

Peace within is your nature. It is the nature of Life itself.

You could say that this Peace Within is the Life Force, Pure Awareness, Tao. You could even call it God. This Peace Within--shared by all living things–is who you really are.

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2 thoughts on “The Peace Within

  1. This is beautiful as there is that deep sense of one spark of amazing divinity within all, its deeper when we connect with others from this space we feel it then. The energy playing, moving, then this then that.. Flows from one to the other, a core shared by every being like the suchness of things forms life. Being all this/that is indeed peace radiating into human form. Love the flowers!

    Beautiful day all!

    Ps: Nice to see Nan’s commenting again love to you Nan

  2. Very well put, Wayne, and your ability to see this peace comes through in the beauty of your photographs. I can’t help but notice that the petals on the flower could represent the Trinity of Christianity.

    P.S. Thank you, Quinzelle and love to you as well.

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